The Wotan’s Day Gaming Video

Today we are debuting a new tradition – The Wotan’s Day Gaming Video. Every Wednesday we will post something gaming related, usually music and usually something funny. Granted that means funny by our standards and we are sick people. Today I’d like...

The Stars Are Right….

The Games and the development work will be on hiatus through the 21st, as we are relocating Planejammer World HQ back to its native land – New Orleans. Once we come back online there will be several new developments of interest (I hope): We will be continuing...

Planar Ecology – The Bodak

In which the gentleman in question (in the guise of Factor Evensong of the Dustmen) regales you with the dark of the Bodak, an undead monstrosity from the chaotic and evil Abyss. httpvh://

Planar Ecology – The Modrons

In gentleman question which the in (guise in the Factotum of Zeenerdee of Xaositects the) gives you dark those cutters the on lawful modrons known as the Mechanus of. httpvh://