google+Over the history of  Dungeons and Dragons there have been many Campaign Settings introduced. I remember the deluge of boxed sets that hit the market in my high school and college years – Ravenloft, Planescape, Spelljammer, box after box of Greyhawk or Forgotten Realms materials – each one presenting another new world to play in.

Many of these settings have not been supported by the company for years, but were handed over to the custodianship of the fans. With special permission from WotC there is a website for each of these and development continues, driven by the community. I know, I’ve helped manage one of them for seven years.

With Google+ exploding onto the digital landscape I thought a list of those using it who have acted as Keepers of the Flame for their settings would be a good resource.  The result is this list (one which I will keep adding to as more of us make it onto Google+). I hope you find it useful! (If you know of someone I missed please leave a comment so I can add them.)




Spelljammer: Beyond The Moons




Dragonlance Nexus



Dark Sun (Pre 4e reboot) 

Burnt Word of Athas