Campaign of the Year Award - The Dice Goblet

Campaign of the Year Award - The Dice Goblet

The Spelljoined won Campaign of the Month last April on Obsidian Portal. That means we are in the running for Campaign of the Year, and voting ends on the 31st!

Being a bit of a narcissist I would love to win this purely for my own egotistic satisfaction, however there is more than that in the equation. You see, we have two brand new game artists on our team and their imagery is what really brings it all to life. Just read through the Journals and you’ll see some amazing illustration as well as some truly entertaining writing.

As the DM I am the overall architect of their fate, but as you can see from the journals we have hit on a really good streak of gaming at it’s best – collaborative storytelling. Even if my rules design doesn’t grab you their art and the fiction they’ve produced most assuredly will.

Check them out our artists’ galleries on Deviant Art:

  • RavenKin did our logo and the more Manga looking artwork while
  • Syreene did the majority of the illustrations found here and on Obsidian Portal.

It would be a great kick in the pants to see them get this sort of recognition.

Vote Here for The Spelljoined because we would all really appreciate it!