Anyone who knows me knows that I am a huge Spelljammer and Planescape fan, so it should surprise no one that I am overjoyed to see Spelljammer coming back for D&D 5e. Check out the announcement trailer:

Of course there are a lot of people near my age (mid 50s) that are wailing and beating their chests over the few changes we know of. Removing the phlogiston and replacing it with the Astral Sea, for instance. Personally I have no problem with that, and as a creator of games I can understand the design decisions that went into it.

I’m not going to be one of those people. I am overjoyed that after decades of our community keeping the torch alive with the Spelljammer Mailing List and Beyond The Moons, we finally get to see it return to print with new material. It is the first thing since the core books that I have pre-ordered for 5e, that speaks volumes.

Another thing I’m loving, even though I’m not massively into minis, are the miniatures. SJ ships and a giant space hamster? Of hell yeah! Just take a look at these babies!

So grab your starwheel pistol, take a seat in the Helm, and set your course for the first star of the left!

May all your 20s be both natural and frequent!