The Games and the development work will be on hiatus through the 21st, as we are relocating Planejammer World HQ back to its native land – New Orleans. Once we come back online there will be several new developments of interest (I hope):

  • We will be continuing The Spelljoined campaign as a once a month virtual game run over Hangouts on Google+. Several of the players and I will be blogging here about our experiences as this will be new ground for all of us.
  • The Ad Astra Per Arcana campaign will be taking over the regular Thurs night spot. Character generation will begin in Dec.
  • The first annual Planejammer Cheesecake Calender (2012) will debut for the holiday season!
  • Our Fantasy Space Netbook (Pathfinder compatible) should be finished and available though Beyond The Moons in the Spring.
  • Work continues on adapting Planescape to Pathfinder…
Please pardon any slowness on moderating comments or replying until the 21st. It’s all madness I tell you!