Planar Ecology – The Bodak

In which the gentleman in question (in the guise of Factor Evensong of the Dustmen) regales you with the dark of the Bodak, an undead monstrosity from the chaotic and evil Abyss. httpvh://

Planar Ecology – The Modrons

In gentleman question which the in (guise in the Factotum of Zeenerdee of Xaositects the) gives you dark those cutters the on lawful modrons known as the Mechanus of. httpvh://

Clockwork Gnome goes Pathjamming!

As a Spelljammer DM this little project thrills me. The fine folks over at Clockwork Gnome Publishing look like they have a real winner on their hands with the forthcoming release of Sailing Starlit Sea, a fantasy space supplement. Now here is the part I really love....

Planejammer 3.0

There is a lot more to do, but the heavy lift is finished. Planejammer is now on it’s new servers, hosted locally in Cincinnati by Inexistence. The new masthead and logo by RavensCraft is up, and we are preparing to get our pricing and galleries up. We will...

Gamers on Google+ : Keepers of the Flame (Classic Settings)

Over the history of  Dungeons and Dragons there have been many Campaign Settings introduced. I remember the deluge of boxed sets that hit the market in my high school and college years – Ravenloft, Planescape, Spelljammer, box after box of Greyhawk or Forgotten...

The ENnies and Katrina: A Ray of Light in the Darkness

You can blame @JediSoth for and @ExaltedDarkness on Twitter for this post. They thought it should be shared. Six years ago the ENnies had completely dropped off my radar. I had spent months in rallying support for as we made our bid and apprehensively...

Planar Ecology: The Slaadi

In which the gentleman in question (in the guise of Factor Evensong of the Dustmen) regales you with stories of the Slaadi, or Slaad, the froglike humanoids from the chaotic plane of Limbo. httpvh://

New Feat: Firebrand of Murlynd

I think this is nearing it’s final configuration, but I would love any input! Firebrand of Murlynd (Divine / Combat) Prerequisites: Exotic Weapon: Firearms, Must worship Murlynd or have gained his special favor Benefit: Gunpowder and smokepowder weapons work...

Roll a D6

Okay, this is brilliantly demented and well worth four minutes of your time! httpvh://

The NEW Planewalker!

As may of you are aware I’m one of the managers for Planewalker, The Official Planescape website, and as such I’m proud to make an announcement. Yesterday was the soft launch of a newly reconfigured version of the website, one we hope will make it both...