I’m rubbing my hands together with wicked glee right now. My first work for Legendary Games has just hit the shelves! I’m just knocked out to announce the latest in their Legenday Worlds line, Jowchit! (Now released for Pathfinder. The Starfinder and DND 5e versions loom soon.)

Inspired by the Sunday Morning Movies of my youth, Jack Kirby’s Kamandi, and other secret ingredients too volatile to reveal, this humid jungle world is filled with kaiju cultists, titanic beasts, and the semi-holy Jowchit Girallion. I guess you could say I decided to start big.

As a long time fan of this company and it’s works I consider this a feather in my cap, probably from an infernal dire cockatrice I’d wager. I could not ask for better colleagues than Jason Eric Nelson and the Legendary team.

Grab yourself a copy and tell your friends!

Print is only $10.99 and pdf only $4.99!