I am thrilled to be able to make a few announcements. The Design Mines ™ beckon so I’ll be brief and try to make it vaugely punchy.

Legendary Games is the latest company to decide they like my particular brand of insanity enough to let me write for them! I’ll be contributing to the Alien Bestiary and a few more things in the not too distant future. Go check out the Kickstarter, I really want to see us reach the Aethera stretch goal!

Another publisher I’m honored to doing some work for is Rite Publishing! I have always adored their creative approach to the rules and their decided will to be weird. Look for something in an upcoming issue of their free magazine, Pathways. After that? Well, if I told you I’d have to kill you.

More fun and games are in the works with Jon Brazer Enterprises. Always proud to be branded a repeat offender with those guys. My first published psionics content was with them. As to what it is, well that would be telling. (I’ll give details when I can.)

And, of course, Lost Spheres Publishing and my little dream project: The CIty of 7 Seraphs. Many thanks to all got backed us and got us past two stretch goals! I am having a blast writing this stuff and I absolutely love my creative team on it. I think we really are building something wonderful here. Manic and insane, but wonderful. The planar metropolis Pathfinder truly deserves! Check out the Spelljammer inspired ship I designed for one of the free previews, The Coinspinner. That was a fun stat block to build!

In addition there are a few projects like [redacted] and [redacted] that I will run off at the mouth about when NDA’s allow.

I’m off to slave away for long hours into the night in the Design Mines ™. Thanks for being interested in my latest games and scribblings!