SuzerainPF LARGEAt long last the months of development have come to an end! Suzerain for Pathfinder is now available in PDF! (Print copies will be available as soon as  we receive and approve the proofs.) Here’s the description of what you’re in for with this mighty tome.

Choose a place, a cave, a town, a far-flung planet. Now choose a time, when dinosaurs roamed the Earth, when aliens invaded our star sector… once again, anything goes. Now choose a genre, from horror to swashbuckling, steampunk to sci-fi, fantasy to fairytales….
Where your place, time and genre intersect, that’s Suzerain. Try it again tomorrow when you’re in a different mood and that’s still Suzerain. Past, present and all possible futures? Check. Every possible alternate reality? Check. Mortal realms and god realms? Check. Check. In the Suzerain Continuum your gaming group just became…
…a pantheon in the making!

Inside these covers you’ll find:

  • All the background you’ll need to run games set in any time, and any place.

  • 48 new Pulse feats, allowing you to tap into the life energy of the multiverse! .

  • Telesmae – bonded, semi-intelligent items that grow with your character!

  • Your Pocket Realm! An extradimensional hideaway that grows as your heroes grow in power!

  • Flexing a Nexus – use your godlike powers to warp the nature of reality itself!

  • 30 mini-scenarios including a campaign outline spanning the main eras of a character’s development from Neophyte to Demigod!

Where most campaigns and adventure paths finish, Suzerain is just getting started. With Suzerain a starting character can expect to become  true hero of the multiverse, meet the gods themselves, and become a demigod!

To gain the full use of this product you will need copies of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Core Rules and The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Advanced Player’s Guide. Let your imagination run wild!

Suzerain is newest interpretation of Savage Suzerain. an Origins Award Nominee from the Savage Mojo design house.


As to where you’ll be able to find it, You now have four options:,  DriveThruRPG,  Paizo and on The Open Gaming Store!