140829 MotLQ graphicOnce more this blog has experienced a period of neglect. To be honest I’m quite happy to report that its because I’ve been laboring away in the statblock mines. to cop a line from Clive Barker’s cenobites, I have such sights to show you!

Since GenCon it’s been a wild ride. I built a team of amazing designers and we achieved the impossible on terrifyingly tight deadlines and with more than a bit of panache. Palace of the Lich Queen is going to be orders of magnitude beyond what anyone expected! Not only that, but it will be available before Christmas!

Geekline415 out in San Francisco had me on the other night so if you want significant detail on the project (and to listen to me run off at the mouth about genre movies) give it a listen here. They also described the series in a way that just made my day.

…set to be one of the greatest dungeons ever created and can go right along side anything from the newer generation of dungeons but can find itself compared even to some of the immortal TSR classics.

Those are the kind of words that just make your day when you read them.

It was hard won. I was still adding team members at the last hour, slowed by the process of making sure I had top notch people. Richard Moore came on board in the final week as a contributing editor, something that I think allowed us to serious up our ante. In his recent post about surviving the process he talks about the insane pace for a few paragraphs and then says:

But if I had the opportunity to make the same choice again, I’d have still said yes–because the material within this book is simply awe-inspiring.

It’s a titanic book. Adventures across twenty-seven alternate realities followed by the Palace itself with it’s enchanted halls and near deity level encounters. I have never been so proud of any project I’ve been involved in.

If you want to grab the first two volumes do it tonight or tomorrow while our big sale is going on (30% OFF on PDFs / 25% OFF Print Products!

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Here, take a look at one of the original videos from the Kickstarter campaign for the series and you’ll get an idea what a truly mammoth undertaking it was!