Kenari Sanura - Color

By Emily "Syreene" Vitori (click for gallery)

So here it is, the final vision for Kenari as the campaign opens. Syreene has outdone herself! Keep your eyes peeled, she’s working on some new ship images as well.

Additionally the party’s psionic member is currently under development. And since darkraven is also an artist there will probably be be more visuals coming your way soon.Think Wilder.

Final decisions on who is at the table will be made after next weekend. The DM is going to enjoy his birthday first. Those joining the game will be notified and those who are not will be put on a waiting list in case a position opens up. No offense to anyone not accepted in the first round, it is not a slight in any way. Complexities of table dynamics and personal schedules dictate much of my decision making in this regard.

I’ll update again once I’ve survived my 44th Birthday party.

-Loki, DM