Conveying elven grace and beauty despite the silver scales covering her body, Illyana is a bard of no small power. Finding no appeal in her “Uncle Sar’s” attempts to get her to join the Elven Imperial Fleet she instead seeks adventure, for no bard worth her salt does not seek out great stories to be a part of and sing about. Of such things are epics made.

Recognizing the octopus ship Valis at the docks while on Refuge she decided to hang out and try to catch sight of Commodore Sinache, planning to ensure that she joins the crew. Leaning against a post at the docks end she played her mandolin until it drew a crowd, including Kaolin and Taj Pach who then invited her on board.

Using psionic correspond they  chattered behind the conversation, “A an elven half silver dragon and I think by elven standards she’s a knockout, this could be perfect!” The next day the ships set sail for Herdspace with Illyana bunking in the room next to Kaolin….

Name: Illyana Starsinger,  Elf (Medium Humanoid) Half-dragon (Silver),  Bard level 14
Hit die: 0d10+14d6(49hp)
Init: 7
Speed: 40
AC: 21 (+2 Leather, +0 Shield) AC flat footed :18 AC Touch: 13
Base Attack/Grapple: 10/15
Attack: +17 (+2/+2) Claw 1d4+7 Crit(20-20)X2 or  +19 (+3/+3) Longbow 1d8+5 Crit(20-20)X3
Full attack: +17 (+2/+2) Claw 1d4+7; +17 Claw 1d4+7 Crit(20-20)X2; +12 Bite 1d6+2 Crit(20-20)X2 or  +19/14 (+3/+3) Longbow 1d8+5(range 100)
Space/Reach: 5/5
Special Attacks: Breath  Weapon DC(22) 1/day 6d8 damage 30ft cone of cold,
Fascinate Can fascinate 1 creature + 1 every 3 levels
Inspire Greatness +2D10 HD +2 to hit +1 fort save
Suggestion Can make suggestion to a fascinated creature
Special Qualities: Immunity to  Sleep, Low-light Vision  , Resistance to  Enchantments +2, Darkvision  60, Immunity to  Cold, sleep, paralasys, Low-light Vision
Bardic Knowledge Level + Int bonus
Bardic Music Can use songs once a day per level
Countersong May use bards perform for save vrs sound
Inspire Competence +2 competence on skill
Inspire Courage morale bonus on charm, fear,attack, damage 3
Song of Freedom Breaks enchantment
Saves: Fort +4, Ref +14, Will +8
Abilities: Str 20, Dex 16, Con 11, Int 15, Wis 9, Chr 20
Skills: Appraise 7, Balance 17, Bluff 22, Concentration 21, Decipher Script 15, Diplomacy 24, Disguise 11, Escape Artist 3, Gather Information 22, Hide 8, Jump 10, Know arcana 2, Know arch & eng 2, Know illithids 2, Know geography 2, Know history 2,, Know nature 2, Know religion 2, Know the planes 2, Listen 16, Perform 22, Pilot Spelljammer 4, Search 4, Spot 1,
Feats: Armour prof light, Combat casting, Dodge, Improved Initiative, Lightning reflexes, Point Blank Shot, Shield Proficiency, Simple Weapon Proficiency,
CR: 16
Spells Known:
Level 0
Detect Magic, Ghost Sound, Message, Prestidigitation Read Magic, Summon Instrument
Level 1
Cause Fear, Cure Light Wounds, Feather Fall, Identify
Level 2
Calm Emotions, Cats Grace, Eagles Splendor, Sound Burst
Level 3
Cure Serious Wounds, Dispel Magic, Sculpt Sound, See Invisibility
Level 4
Break Enchantment, Charm Monster, Cure Critical Wounds, Modify Memory
Level 5
Dispel Magic, Song of Discord, Suggestion, Mass


Elven Leather Armor  +2 +2 AC
Boots of striding and springing +5 jump +10 move
Bracers of archery greater +2 ranged attack +1 dam
Cloak of elvenkind (+5) +5 Hide
Bag of holding (type III) 1000 lb
Quiver of Ehlonna
Horn of fog
Potion of Delay poison
Potion of Cure serious wounds
Potion of Bulls strength
Potion of Enlarge person
Ring of Animal friendship Charm animal
Rapier (+2) +2 to Hit +2 Dam
Elven Longbow (+3) +3 to Hit/ +3 Dam