Now this is something wonderful. A new series of locally produced video shorts featuring two old partners in crime of mine: Wild Bill Dykes, who suffered the Blues with me many late nights; and Lewis D’Aubin aka Dr. Milo Thaddeus Pinkerton III the founder an leader of the Consortium of Genius.

The topic is gaming. Old fashioned table top RPG gaming of the Dungeons and Dragons variety. Since I write a lot of gaming material myself and run a weekly game I think its great. Your mileage may vary, but any gamer will feel as though they were hit with Tasha’s Hideous Laughter

Since this version of WordPress does not play nice with YouTube embeds here is a link to the video.

Dice Jockeys, its a natural 20!

-Loki, HumidCity Founder (xposted from HumidCity)