I strongly encourage this:

I’m a Special Education teacher at a high school in the South Bronx. Besides the classes that I co-teach, I’m the adviser for our Science Fiction Club. Our club’s activities include an organized Dungeons and Dragons game held weekly on-campus for students who maintain passing grades in all their classes. If you’re even remotely familiar with the game you understand that, while there is a wealth of benefits to be gained from playing, it is not the cheapest hobby one can have. And for the kids who are involved, the cost of just one or two of the game books required to play it is outside of their means.

D&D is a game of imagination. Its players act out roles and identities beyond the mundane world they live in. The students find the fantasy world of D&D utterly captivating, wanting to read more to discovery what they can about it. The game teaches teamwork, moral and ethical lessons, math skills, and reading comprehension, as well as expanding its players’ vocabularies and their creativity. What we need are the resources to help our game continue and expand.

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Please consider donating a few dollars to this wonderful and innovative program which is helping bring creative thought and actual problem solving back into inner city schools. DND for the masses!