Since we are bringing in new faces for this campaign I thought it for the best to post these right from the outset:

Gaming Group Guidelines

1. The primary law for Face-To-Face games: Everyone’s on their honor in the game. Many of the following suggestions are to help maintain player-player trust within the group, but in general, everyone’s on their honor to track their hitpoints, spells, magic items, equipment, et cetera.

2. Non-PC Tomes: No player may reference non-player-oriented tomes (ie the DMG or the various Monster Manuals) during the game without express permission of the DM. It ruins the full impact of the scenario for you and for the DM.

3. Die Rolls: All rolls must be witnessed by at least one other player. No rolls may be made ahead of time, but only when the DM requests it. Warm-up rolls will be accepted, but they must be clearly announced before the dice leaves your hand, if they are not pre-announced then it counts as your roll.

4. Out-Of-Game Comments: Please try to avoid non-game conversations once the game has started. If you must do so, then I ask that you take non-game conversations away from the table. It disturbs the game.

5. New Members: Once the campaign has started, new members to the gaming group require unanimous approval of current group members, after three sessions to get a sample of how they roleplay.

6. Attendance: I will not run a game based in the current campaign if more than 2 of the players are not present. (We may still run an isolated one shot, but it won’t be to the detriment of the normal campaign.)

7. Absenteeism: During periods where there is a waiting list to play in the campaign, any player that misses three sessions in a row (or three sessions during any rolling period of six sessions) is considered to have voluntarily resigned their seat at the table, and offers to play are extended to those on the waiting list. This automatic resignation can be overridden by unanimous approval of the current group.

8. It is the player’s responsibility to create a character that can work and play well with others. If the character can’t, then the player shouldn’t be playing that character in my game. If the party has to split up, the amount of time each “side” gets will be proportional to the number of members in that group, modified by the importance of the group’s activities as they relate to the group’s goals. For example, rogues that are always going off for breaking and entering, or pickpocketing, that isn’t in line with the party’s goals will get very little “air time,” compared to the rest of the group and their pursuit of the party goals.

9. Please clean up after yourself. If you bring food or drinks to the game, throw your trash away at the end of the night. Flush the toilet when you’re done; that kind of thing. If it’s my house, I’d prefer not to have to clean up after everyone. If we’re gaming somewhere else, I’d hate for us to lose the ability to game at a particular location because we didn’t give the host the respect of cleaning up after ourselves.
-Flynn, rebooted by Loki