Planejammer: Geonomicon- The Dice Have Begun Rolling!
Ruleset: DND 3.5, with extensive house rules (Campaign Disc Forthcoming)
Setting: Spelljammer / Planescape
Rating: Adult themes, NSFW
Emphasis: Role Playing, not roll playing, XP bonuses for good characterization are common
Frequency: Once a week, (night of week to be determined) 7pm till 11pm
Psionics: Yes, Psionics Are Different
Starting: Early May 2007
Location: Uptown New Orleans
Smoking: Outside only
Gamer Chow: TBD, group contributions. If you drink soda bring your own.
PC Limitations: No evil alignments, no repeating of race or class is you played in one of my prior campaigns, no races with level adjustments higher than +3.
Starting Level: PCs have three levels to spend on Race and Classes, all character concepts will be considered except Dark Sun characters.
Deadline: PCs must be generated by the Wed before Jazz Fest!
Players/Characters (No New PCs Being Accepted):
The Wife ™: Helbred, Bard/Wilder –GENERATED
The Doodler: Seacliff Dwarf, Cleric of Ptah (Wildspace Church)
Stybbie: Human, Aristocrat/Rogue
Maitrix: Some form of wizard or loremaster
Laurie: Awaiting Character Concept
Dial M: Fighter (undetermined variety)
Variants Used:

Dungeon Master’s Guide v.3.5

  • Striking The Cover Instead of a Missed Target p.24
  • Clobbered p.27
  • Critical Misses p.28
  • Critical Success or Failure p.34
  • Power Components p.36
  • Summoning Individual Monsters p.37
  • What Disabling a Device Means p.70
  • Upkeep p.130
  • Nonmagical Psionics p.297
  • Less Lethal Falls p.303

Expanded Psionics Handbook

  • Hidden Talent p.67

Complete Divine

  • Faith Feats p.86

Manual of the Planes

  • Deep Ethereal p.55
  • The Pantheon That Morphs Together p.89
  • The Blood War p.90
  • Gnomes Alone on Bytopia p.137
  • The Nastily Neutral Outlands p.148
  • Appendix: Variant Planes and Cosmologies p.201 – (All Variant Planes ONLY- Great Wheel/Doppel Cosmology)
  • Nastier Faerie Traits p211