So far:
The Wife ™: Helbred Bard/Wilder
The Doodler: Dwarven Cleric of Ptah
Stybbie: Black Sheep of an Old Family
Maitri: Some form of wizard or loremaster
Laurie: Unsure of level of participation, never played before
Dial M: May play, may not. No concept submitted yet.

Needed: Fighter Type

Geonomicon PC Generation Rules:

Character Generation

To generate your character’s statistics, use my standard method: roll 4d6,reroll ones and take the highest three dice; do this six times; arrange the scores to suit. (Remember that stats are now more forgiving than in 2E – bonuses start at 12.) For hit points, a character gets maximum hit points for his first character level, and then rolls normally for all other (and future) character levels.

Your PC will have three character levels to spend on class (one or more) and race (yes, some races cost a character level). This translates to 3000 experience points. This also means that you will have 2700 gold pieces to spend on starting equipment (more on that later).

Class choices are pretty easy. You are free to choose from any of the core classes (those presented in the WOTC Hardcovers and Splatbooks as well as those included on this CD), or any class authorized by the DM (case by case ruling)

Character race gives you many options. In addition to the races presented in the core materials, there are a number of races specific to the Planescape and Spelljammer settings. In addition to the races, you also have to choose whether your character is from the Material Plane (a Prime) or native to the Outer/Inner Planes (a Planar).

Planning Ahead
There are two other character aspects that you should take into account when creating your character. The first is the concept of Prestige Classes. These are specialized and elite roles available to veteran adventurers. Almost any normal class can choose almost any Prestige Class. Unfortunately, the 3E mechanics are set up such that you basically have to build your character to become one of them right from the start. Many are built such that you can’t take them on the spur of the moment. Also, in general, a character has to be at least 5th level before he can become a member of one. Available Prestige Classes include those published in WOTC books and Magazines, those appearing in AEG Publications, and those which are either approved by the DM or listed here.

Equipping the Character
As I mentioned earlier, you will be starting with a 3rd level character. Since the PC has been around for a bit, he’s got some stuff – 2700 gold worth of stuff to be exact. This figure covers not only mundane gear such as clothing and backpacks, but also any exceptional (masterwork tools or planar metal weapons) or magical (healing potions) items that the character has.