• Founding Partner House Seven Stars (Ruby)
  • Planewalker’s Guild 1°-Limbo
  • Defender of Bluerophil
  • Silver Dragon Disciple

Mother was a Garden Keeper for Clan Chossum in the Vesve Forest (Oerth, Greyspace), father was third son and fancied himself an adventurer. Raised in a moderately well to do environment with access to books and learning stayed stationary until about 95 when he met Kavara Liveoak, an Elven Imperial Navy Messenger taking some R&R after a mission. Her stories of the Sphere’s beauty inspired Tavist. A few years later he fell into disfavor with his Clan leader because of his bastardry and it became convenient for him to join the EIN.

The next fifteen years were spent on the EIN StarRaptor (Armada Class) peeling potatoes on the Oerth/ Toril run (Greyspace/Realmspace). Married Celea Laredyan of Arabel (Toril, Realmspace) at 99. Discovered a teacher in Kieran ap Draax who began to teach him the Bladesong style. Tavist became obsessively serious about his studies of this style two years later when it allowed him to save the infant son of Quadrant Admiral Thorn, who now feels indebted to him. It was during the attention that this incident focused upon him that D’shai, an Elven Courtesean and former lover of his found him again.

Their reunion was all that he remebered. It was not long before the Laredyan family pushed through the divorce and ensured that he had nothing to show for it. Taking service as a cook on a FreeTrader brought him to Garatoch en route to the Rock of Bral to meet D’shai. Unfortunately the ship was seized for smuggling leaving him adrift in a strange city on a strange world……

For the further adventures of Tavist check out the Campaign Chronicle!

Tavist Tavist Aller Sinache, aka Fumble Thumbs

Eyes, Hair, Skin Tone, and General Appearance:
Green eyes, Long Blue hair, and Pale Alabaster skin. A little tall for an elf, relatively strong, but still thinly built. Always has a glimmer of mischief in my eyes, usually dressed in black leather for “work”, but in courtly garb when at home on the Rock, and always clean.

Where was the character born, what is his age:
Born in Alfheim on Oerth, in Greyspace. And am now 125 years old.

What is the character’s family:
Born almost into Clan Chossum, I’m the bastard son of the third son of the Clan, and am the proud son of their beautiful groundskeeper.

Has the character started his own family:
Not that I know of…but was married for 8 years

When or how was the character educated:
I was educated at home by my mother, and had access to the Clan’s library, so I was relatively well read for a groundling.

Has the character ever done anything else for a living:
I was an enlisted elf for the Elvin Imperial Navy for fifteen years. Spending most of my time peeling potatoes and doing menial kitchen work. After that I worked on various ships of varying legality as a crewman and galley cook

What are the character’s political and religious beliefs:
Politically I don’t really care as long as they generally leave me alone and don’t take too big of a cut. Religiously…I don’t really know what to believe. I don’t really know if there are gods, or just extremely powerful beings with their own set of limitations. I do believe though in the ultimate need for balance between good and evil, law and chaos.

What is the character’s moral code:
Moral code, what’s that? Oh, you mean what the clerics tell me not to do? Well, honesty and loyalty are the most important to me. Though honesty in moderation mind you…

What might someone seeing the character for the first time think:

What might they think? Well I hope they would underestimate me, because I love to surprise people. I expect that especially when in my courtly garb, I imagine they see a fop, someone a little on the “soft” side of things. But when I’m at work , if they see me at all, I want them to be wary of me, the kind of guy with a long memory who you don’t want to cross.

Does the character have any goals:
Goals, hmm…Right now my goal seems to be saving the multiverse for rampant decency and law-abiding rigidness, and to make a lot of money doing it. So someday I can retire on a nice big ship of my own, to travel, explore, drink and fraternize with various, exotic, beautiful women. Also want to be a complete bad-ass. Someone who don’t take shit from nobody.

What is the character’s personality:
Personality, that’s easy: irreverent, flippant, a smart ass, sometimes clever, and always laid back.

Any reoccurring mannerisms:
No, no nervous ticks or anything, but I’m not the person who watches me. Ask someone else, you know my friends, if they even claim me…

What special qualities does the character possess:
Well I do seem to have a knack of getting into trouble, and luckily usually out of it alive at least. Being aboard a lot of different ships has helped quite a bit, its given me the ability to outfit a ship for long voyages. I also seem to be able to make financing creative, by not exactly changing the books, but I know how to manipulate the numbers within the system.

Are there certain things the character just cannot do:
I haven’t been able to keep a relationship with a woman for very long. My first marriage ended, badly, because of her family mostly. I guess they weren’t thrilled with my profession as a sailor/cook and basically thought I was a deadbeat. HA! Now look at me, I’m helping save , well, everything from destruction/stagnation.

What does the character hate:
I hate loosing face, money, a woman, or a bar game. I also hate being told I can’t do something or go somewhere if I want to.

What does the character love:
Oh that’s easy: money, women, drinks, games of chance and/or skill, and the easy life. You know, nice home and furnishings, my loyal friends and compatriots, and most of all a good time.

How does the character perceive government and those who are opposed to the government:
Government, well, it can be good or bad like everything else. On the Rock it seems to be overall good. Sure they take their cut and bits of tax for this and that, but they keep everything running, make their share of coin, and basically stay out of my way. On the other hand, if a government is overly corrupt or morally corrupt (you know using people for personal gain under the title of, well, title). Then get rid of it. And if it came to my attention and it affected me personally in someway, then I would support or even assist a rebellious cause.

How did the character gain his abilities? What was his first reaction? What motivates him now:
Gaining my abilities didn’t come quickly or magically, they were mainly things I just needed to know to survive. They were things I learned from sailors, to get ahead in life anyway I could. (picking pockets, picking locks, disabling traps, etc.) My weapons training, more specifically my rapier-master, was Kieran ap Draax. He was the ship captain who took me under his wing and fight like a gentleman. And I’m not a hero, I’m out for personal gain, saving the multiverse is just a bonus.

What does the character hope to gain from adventuring:
Why adventure? A few reasons, one money; two, its fun; three, I’ll have great stories to tell; and finally and most subconsciously to, to show dear old dad how its done. He was at best third rate, running back home telling of the beasts he had hunted down, or more often than not, licking his wounds.

Why is this goal more important than his safety:
Safety, well to a point, but why live a life ordinary, when there are so many emotions to experience and adventures to be had.

What would be the ultimate magic item for the character:
Ooooh…ultimate magic item… the first thing that comes to mind is a sword, but that doesn’t feel right somehow. Maybe some type of bracers or girdle to add to my constitution.

What would be the worst curse this character could ever receive:
Worst curse? Ewwww…being ordinary or eternally smelly and dirty.

Who is the person your character trusts the most:
The person I trust the most is gone. Falkirk was like a nasty older brother to me, my worst enemy at times, but also I had to trust him least as well, the bastard…I miss him.

List the five most important people in the character’s life:
Most important people, that’s easy: Ozzy, Kaolin, Drake, Rand, and D’Shai, but I haven’t seen her in so long. Mother is important too, but in a less here and now kind of way.

Does the character have any prejudices:
I don’t feel like I have any serious prejudices, because that basically looks at generalizations and stereotypes, and well, there are so many reasons to hate people once you get to know them. I mean I don’t want to hang out with Illithids or nyogi or undead on any kind of regular basis, but come on, Thought Taker, while very creepy, was an ok humanoid.

How would your character handle an insubordinate servant:
Talking back or grumbling constantly, fuck’em. I don’t need the headache. But insubordination for a justifiable reason (especially if it keeps me alive) or simply asking “why?” I can deal with, as long as its not every time I give them a task.

How would your character’s parents describe him:
Mom would probably say that I’m a mischievous rascal, most likely getting into trouble. But she would be proud of me for making something of myself, at least I’m not a criminal. “Two of his companions are Priests! Wait ’til Maybell hears.” (Well she doesn’t need to know everything.) Dad (after saying “Who?”) would be happy that I’m just out of his hair, I don’t ask for money, and happy, very happy, that I haven’t ruined any of his family holidays by showing up. (I’ll show up someday with the 7 Stars, visit Mother, make some appearance in Grandfather’s court, piss him off, make him look bad, and then just leave.)

What was the best moment of your character’s life? Worst:
Best moment of my life…tough one…Probably in the Bar Sinister. Falkirk, Ozzy, and myself had just hooked up with Kaolin, we were running out to avoid a fight that we didn’t start (I think) and I laid this kiss, an amazing kiss, on this completely beautiful, tough sexy EIN officer (yes female, asshole) in a chain mail corset.
The worst moment, an hour later when I realized I had forgotten her name.
There was the time, though, that I saved the son of Quadrant Admiral Thorn, that was a high spot.
And getting married to Celea Laredyan of Arundelwas, in retrospect, a pretty bad moment.

How did his peers treat the character as a child? His elders:
Peers? Didn’t have them, I was considered a bastard child, and a half-breed. Technically, I am a bastard and have been called that on many occasions. But half-breed? I’m half grey elf and half high elf, and in Alfheim that means something. But as soon as I left to join the EIN that all changed, an elf is an elf regardless of genealogy (and don’t bring up sea elves). My elders (with the exception of my Mother) hardly recognized my existence. My parents I’ve already explained, and Grandfather is the reason for my “peers”. The other children my age thought the way he did, that I was a worthless embarrassment to the Clan. He was one of the main reasons I left.

What flaws does the character have:
My flaws, well sometimes I can be a bit brash and rush into things. Another is how I’ve treated Ozzy, and sometimes still do. I treated him as big and dumb. Well he is really big, but he’s not dumb. I think I hurt the big guy’s feelings. But I realized that I was doing it, so I’m trying to stop.

What advice would you give to your character:
Keep having fun, but try to get a little deeper into something philosophically.

What is the character’s secret, and what will happen if it is discovered:
Don’t really know if I have a secret, other than the twinge in my head telling me something is going to change. Not just the color of my hair, but something big. The dreams I’ve been having at night are getting more and more vivid. Flying, being stronger, older, lightning escaping from my lips. Its strange, but somehow comforting…like I know this is going to be for good.

What would the character die for? What would they be willing to sacrifice the lives of their friends for:
I don’t know. I don’t know if there is any one thing that would be worth it. Maybe a whole sphere or the multiverse. I think I would sacrifice myself for the rest of the party, or at least I like to think that I would.

What is their weakness or what will paralyze them with fear:
Well like most people any major league planar being (bate’zu, tinari, deity) I’m going to be wary of and try not to piss off, but I think that’s only natural. But my weakness is beautiful women, I think that I would always rush in to save a damsel in distress.

What does the character do to relax:
The first answer is a good stiff drink. But a night at the Rock Rat always works. Cocktail parties, picnicking around the Seeker’s Library is nice, lately it doesn’t feel like I’ve had any time to relax though.

Describe the character’s ideal mate:
Not shipmate I’m guessing…she’d have to be attractive, not perfect mind you, just sexy. She’d have to be smart. And she’d have to realize what I do and understand my absences of months, years, or unthinkably of forever. She’d also have to laugh at my jokes, even if she has heard them 1000 times.

How will the character die:
DIE? I’m not going to, its just not in my plans…
Ideal way: on my 1000th birth celebration, exhausting myself in bed with two 250 year old, beautiful elf girls.
Most Heroic way: would be facing some monstrously powerful being, dieing to save everyone and everything in the multiverse, and taking it out along with me.
Most Probable way: is that I’ll piss off some jerk in a personal way, insignificantly, and they’ll hire an assassin to poison me or something.
Or I could always go in a bar fight, I find myself in them all the time.

Give an outline of your character’s history:

basic, happy childhood as a servant’s son
realized I wasn’t well liked by my family
met Kavara Liveoak, a EIN flitter pilot on R&R
joined EIN
got married to Celea Laredyan
met D’Shai on shore leave
saw D’Shai again
spent a week with D’Shai (it was fabulous)
divorced Celea
left EIN
ran out of money, got a job on the “Braaxi”
3 ships later still in the galley
met Kieran ap Draax, 1st officer on the “Tiger Lily”
got serious with rapier training
saved Admiral Thorn’s son
still working on various ships of varying legality
snuck away from searches on Garatock, met Ozzy and Falkirk, since then working against the “Iron Shadow”,
searching for the Codex of Ever-Changing Order