• Shintak – Xixchil teacher of psionics and arcane magic.
  • Partner in House Seven Stars

A virtuoso innovator and energy manipulator from an early age, Taj has never strayed from total immersion in her three areas of expertise: Arcane Magic, Psionics, and Body Manipulation. Her consistent use of each to augment the others has produced many new techniques. It also allowed her the title of Shintak, or teacher, at an extremely early age. As her prestige increased, she acquired students. Students she took along to Lirak’s Cube in Heartspace as she researched a good site for a new hive. It was here that she became a member of the Company of Orb and Sword (The Seekers), contributing much to the lore of racial biology.

Desperate for both the status of Queen and for her race’s survival she eventually settled on Penumbra in Truspace. The disc had more than enough volume for her to carve out a hive, and the Illithidae have been extinct there since the rebellion several thousand cycles ago.

With her bodyguard Kattar and daughter Ta’Nyet she organizes the students for colonization. Using a recently discovered ship of unknown origins, but rigged to survive the treacherous physical laws of Truspace, they set off into the flow. Using ancient charts acquired on Lirak’s cube they crossed the open Flow. Using the Phlogiston Rivers would have taken them through Flaxspace and Carrigspace, both deadly site of post Empire entropy.