• Founding Partner of House Seven Stars (Green)
  • Planewalker’s Guild 1°-Arborean
  • Defender of Bluerophil
  • GreatSpace Order of Hermes

Raised in a wealthy and duty bound Giff family, Ozzy found his compulsory military service to be an unpleasant time. His inability to follow orders without question and tendancy to solve problems with fisticuffs were deemed “Mentally Ill,” by Giff society and he was given a dishonorable discharge.

Viewed as a disgrace by Giff society he discovered acceptance in the Arena and the occasional “freelance commisson.”Early in his arena careerhe was taken on by Rinahwrawr, a veteran SheKzinti Warrior who ran a gladiatorial training house. It was she who taught him Space Combat to prepare him for the Null G rings of the Grinder. Through her he also made the aquaintance of Kalion, a human smuggler who has ties to and information about both the Scro and Elven factions in the sphere.

The most recent times have been tempestuous for Ozzy, an affair with the handmaid to a visiting Giff General kept him out of the ring for a bit but he soon returned after her departure. Spending his freetime and money between bouts on a Kzinti Courtesan called Fierce Pleasure he was crushed when she was recently sentanced to the arena and died fighting a landshark. Rumour has it that the sentance was trumped up as a cover up for her gaining between the sheets info on Oricalcum smuggling.