Lola grew up an orphan in Carrigmoor “The Jeweled City” in the neighborhood of Upswitch, a hard lower class neighborhood composed of laborers (probably the most honest people in the city, but still not exactly spotless). Realizing early on that the Sorpic Family (the Justicars of Carrigmoor; colors-white and silver) was the best route for advancement she underwent the rigorous testing and was accepted. Her pragmatic street wise attitude worked well in the Sorpics as she rapidly got the hang of their style of purchased justice. For the next few years she worked for them as a guard until one of the higher ups saw her arcane potential and started training her in magic. Enter Reggie.

Over the next two or three years she acted as a guard on many missions through the Seven Gates,

Planes visited (The Seven Great Portals of Carrigmoor):

Crylit (alternate prime/ crystal sphere)- vast underground complex, a shelter from the devastated world above. Exists in a constant state of siege as the Illithids and other aberrations that live deep below. Many practitioners of “The Invisible Art,” (psionics). Also home to hives of Halfling sized insect men called Drommites.

The Ghost Realm (The Ethereal)-The land of the spirits as well as strange dreamlike entities. Pathway to the Elemental Planes.

Lortaan (alternate prime/ crystal sphere)- A loose confederation of tropical city states run by a Mageocracy. Many of the cities face annihilation now at the hands of intelligent primates that have escaped from the wizard’s labs and bred true. (When you first encountered the Hadozee and Grommam you took them for these primates. It took a long time to let down your guard and befriend Kinte, the Oathpack Hadozee you served with in Farspace)

Toorantis (alternate prime/ crystal sphere) – A calm wooded agrarian world low in monsters and humanoids. The Phrengal family were preparing to use it as a source of slaves 8 years ago when she left.

Elemental Plane of Wood- this plane is a banyan tree with no known root or crown. Seemingly infinite branches spiral like the trunks of Yggdrasil into the distance, and plants of all sorts grow on the trunk.

Home to Treants, Shambling Mounds, and Plant-Creatures of all sorts, in addition to nearly every kind of Plant species found on the Prime. In addition, the mysterious Shad live here in great numbers.

One day while out in the murk hunting afghul, she encountered an Elven Navy team equipped with gadabouts (living plants that are worn on the back and generate an airsphere) exploring the asteroid. Realizing that here was an opportunity to not only escape Carrigmor, but also the planes it directly connected to (and thus it’s influence) she convinced them to take her along when they left.

Over the course of the journey from Carrigspace to Pyrespace she revealed her fey blood and fought to join the Elven Imperial Navy (EIN). Her chance to prove herself came rapidly when the elves ran afoul of two Scro Mantis Ships. After showing her worth in the battle the elves agreed to take her on in spite of her humanity.

The next eight years were spent fighting for the EIN in the Unhuman War II. It is in this time that the Kargonesti Elf Redwing took her on as an apprentice and began teaching her the Way of The Arcane Bow. This is also the time when she befriended Kinte and Sabri, two members of the Hadozee Oathpack stationed on her ship.

Over this period she traveled further and further into the Arcane Inner Flow, passing through and fighting in the following Spheres:

Alternate Primes (Crystal Spheres) visited while working for EIN

Pyrespace an ancient sphere where each race has it’s own world (Standard elves, dwarves, humans, etc.) The IEN made contact with the elves of Perianth long before the First Unhuman War, and many elves from that planet have served on local ships-though they rarely leave the sphere. Their presence in the sphere is very small, consisting of Atwa Falasse, a research facility on Perianth, and a handful of man-o-wars and warbirds to keep an eye on things. The casual and friendly dealings the IEN once enjoyed with the locals have been replaced by a very formal, business-like approach ever since the local elves developed their own class of armada. The IEN leaves most of the governing of the spacelanes to Pyrespace elves. This was Lola’s first exposure to a new Crystal Sphere. After receiving new orders the Dance of Water (Warbird class) left for Glowrings to engage the Scro.

Glowrings Sphere–This sphere has many glowing rings of world spanning size. They come in many different colors. There is an elven planet called Tel’Quesseron. Lola fought in the unsuccessful EIN attempts to keep it from falling to the Scro. Reassigned to the Warbird Erevan’s Tale

HeartspaceThis sphere has a large red slowling pulsating sun.
Crescent– this planet is shaped like a crescent. Its outer curve is blasted and carved by craters and is uninhabited. Its inner surface is lush and dominated by humans. Crescent has its own navy made up mostly Dragonflys. These are always on the patrol for smugglers. Ships may land at Compact, the main port. Landing anywhere else is considered an act of attempted smuggling. Compact is best know for its gnomish library called the Great Archive. Dress is drab in the extreme. The national religion preaches moderation in all things. The price for theft including smuggling is death. Guard duty for EIN diplomat Aereoden out of Seldarspace doing research at the Great Archive. Sent back to front lines on the Armada Quarter Moon under Admiral Golleadril.

Starfall–one of the outer planets in the sphere, it is best known for its tavern, The Philosopher’s Rest.
Loom– the farthest planet. It is the shape and color of an egg.

Rainspace-Upon entering Rainspace the spacefarer will immediately understand the naming of this sphere. It is alway raining even in the depths of wildspace. One of the planets called Zenuvia is famous for its gargantuan flytraps capable of swallowing small spelljammers! Lola served in a fleet engagement with the Scro Scorpion Fleet here. The EIN was victorious, but with heavy losses. Transferred to guard duty with two Bladesingers for an EIN officer opening talks with the Waspfolk of Scalespace

Scalespace (The Lizard Kingdoms)- Primeval world ruled by Scalefolk and Hivefolk (Lizardmen, Sarials, Waspfolk, ThriKreen, and others). Mammals are stunted and primitive. Humans and dwarves are unintelligent vermin hunted as we hunt orcs. Only the educated are aware of spelljamming. Lola acted as a guard for an EIN officer negotiating with the native Waspfolk. Transferred to the Staff of Fenmarel

Sillusspace–Planets–Lar, elven world, conquered in the Unhuman War. Lola was on the Staff of Fenmarel paired with an Avariel (Winged elf native to Sillusspace) named Boriand. Thery were the last ship to flee when the battle was lost, and only made it back with 50% of it’s hands alive.

Greatspace- Served on the Warbird Song of the Wind under Capt. Imroth. Fought off the Scro Tarantula Fleet in a combined effort with The Royal Navy of Greatspace and a dozen Greysword Pirate vessels. After this she left service and debarked at The Rock of Bral in Spiralspace just as their First Olympics was starting. It was there that Finn picked her up in a bar…..