• Founding Partner House Seven Stars (Amethyst)
  • Planewalker’s Guild 1°-Astral
  • Seeker 3°
  • Pantheistic College of Celestian
  • Defender of Bluerophil
  • GreatSpace Order of Hermes

Born to a younger son of the Merchant House Ke’randyl and a former adventurer, “Drake” developed an early aptitude for magic. While participating in the family business, he first heard the call of Celestian while traveling with a caravan to the City of Greyhawk.

Embracing the ways of The Traveling God, he ranged farther and farther afield with various trade missions until tragedy struck. While venturing to the northwest the caravan was caught in an outbreak of plague. After weeks of delirium, Drake’s fever broke and he awoke to a scene of devastation. The only survivor of his caravan, he was one of only a few in the area to live through the disease. Even his siblings, who were traveling with the trading mission, did not make it.

Drake is a painter, and his long trips through the Flow between Spheres has given him ample time to build up quite a body of works.