• Founding Partner House Seven Stars (Jacinth/orange)
  • Planewalker’s Guild 1°-Pandemonium
  • Seeker 5°
  • Pantheistic College of Celestian 5°
  • Defender of Blurophil
  • GreatSpace Order of Hermes

The early days…

Raised in a wealthy crew family on a human ship for her first 16 years. While on shoreleave she and her two brothers were taken by Chainmen. After entering the Phlogiston many of the slaves began to sicken, including herself and her younger brother Ookyu. Upon awakening from the fever dream she discovered that much had transpired.

The ship had been ambushed by an Elven squadron and taken. The Elves discovered a plague ship, with many sick or dead. Among the dead was Ookyu, among the missing were Kinte, her other brother along with the ship’s Helmsman and Captain. The Armada’s Medicus was able to treat and save many, and was kind enough to fill her in on the details. The other big shock was that she had been maimed by the disease, losing all motion in her left side (arm, face, and leg). This was beyond the Medicus’ abilities due to how near death she had been.

She spent the next year recuperating in the Infinity Vine jungles of the system’s airworld, learning the healing arts and coming into first contact with the Order of Celestian. An Elven Priest of Celestian, Hawkeye by name, was able to restore movement to her through a combination of herbal treatments and healing magic.During the course of the therapy he found an interested audience for his tales of the Spheres and discussions of his philosophies. Changed by her experiences Kaolin discovered fulfillment in these concepts and embraced the order. She shipped out shortly thereafter as a fledgling Medicus.

Over the next few years she incurred the enmity of the Tenth Pit by refusing to pilot troops into battle, as well as by alerting port authorities to Slaving oriented activities. After a Scavver attack upon her ship, which was carrying several passengers, she lost her first patient. This patient was the father of Lord Montoya of the Tenth Pit, making their emnity a personal thing and causing her to flee the areas of their control and barely escaping with her life.

Kaolin discovered the Seekers as a wealth of information on the native herbs of their Spheres and began bringing them reports of all she had seen in her travels in return for local herb lore. After becoming well known for accurate and often useful info she was offered entrance to the Seekeers and has now attained 2nd Circle rank within the organisation.

Now, after plying the spaceways, she has found herself in SpiralSpace, home of the Rock of Bral (the most infamous trading city in the Spheres). After restoring their air by skimming a planetary atmosphere her current ship has proceeded to the Barre Sinister, neutral ground, to scope out what the climate of the sphere is now. Evidently the Scro have wrested control of Spiral from the Elven House Atreus which used to rule unopposed……..