INT 16
WIS 13
STR 11
DEX 12
CON 11

Name George “Loki” Williams
Race Human (French Creole Subtype)
Gender Male
AlignmentNeutral Good with Chaotic Tendencies and a warped sense of Humor
Classes/Levels Dungeon Master 14, Freelance Writer 10,  Game Designer 5
Size M
Age 46
Deity Loki bows to no power!
Location Post Diluvian New Orleans
Special Attacks Blue Bolt, NPCs, Wandering Damage
Special Abilities Rule Zero, Omnivision
Traits Native Creole, Knows Everyone
Feats Fast Talk, Barrage of Words, Devil’s Advocate, On The Fly, Web of Conspiracy, Beat Deadline, New Rule Assimilation, Reboot to Pathfinder, Strip-mine Old Rules
Languages English, Pig Latin, Pathfinder, Social Media, Kitchen Speak
Occupation Community Manager and Lead Pathfinder Developer for Savage Mojo (2014); Co-Manager for Planewalker, The Official Planescape Fansite (2004-present).

Bragging Rights 

What I’ve played

Pathfinder, Dungeons & Dragons (1st through 3.5 editions), Gamma World (1st through d20 editions), D20 Modern, GURPS, Fiasco, Champions, Marvel, DC Heroes, Villains and Vigilantes, Ars Magica, Toon, Ghostbusters, Dragonstar, Prime Directive, Amber Diceless RPG, Universe, Metamorphosis Alpha, Traveller, Theatrix, Ringworld, Vampire: Masquerade, Werewolf the Apocalypse, Etherscope, Darwin’s World, Paranoia, Stomrbringer, Corum, Dr. Who, Twilight 2000, Alternity, Call of Cthulhu (multiple editions), Rolemaster, Spacemaster, Lords of Creation, Shadowrun, Macho Women with Guns, Savage Worlds, Cyberpunk, Star Frontiers, Boot Hill, Top Secret, Xcrawl, Space: 1889, and Jorune.