Thirday 19 Desnus, 318 AG | Hyraeatan (The Docks)

The next morning the crew gather for coffee in the Seventh Star’s lounge and halfway through the first  Krysa and Khlatah return. It seems only a few hours have passed for the two, which the githyanki attributes to the chronal instabilities of the Crowns District. They arranged a meeting with some local information brokers, an angel and a devil named One and None. Through them, arrangements have been made to meet Sonus the Sailweaver, who might be able to supply them with the desired contraband.

As Krysa is getting coffee she notices the leftover rat on a stick. Visibly pissed off she dumps it in the disposal and deletes the program for it in the replicator. She then stomps off toward the escape pod bays and the only crew member not at the table, Jarimana. A little while later she returns to the dining bay.

After the second cup of coffee Falak 13 plugs in and attempts to hack the new infosphere. It’s completely different from anything they’ve seen before, coding in a variant of draconic. Fortunately, they are fluent. They gain basic access and can download the crew bios, basic stellar cartography data, and basic local history files. It seems the ship is from their plane and time, but the next galaxy over. A galaxy that has been ruled by dragons for thousands of years, where the Emperor is an ancient, red Wyrm and the drow are the secret police. While they’re going over the data they notice that the Seventh Star’s computers are also being remotely accessed, by the other ship!

Falak sends a pop-up to the other ship’s screen, after consulting with Melisande on proper wording, which simply says “You are seen.” Shortly afterward she received a reply in the form of basic history, crew bios,  and star charts of the IMperial Dragon Empire along with the simple text, “Greetings neighbors.”

As the time for the meeting with Sonus looms the Cmdr assigns Jarimana to continue his research and Falak to continue getting what info they can about the Dragon Empire ship. She then assembles the rest and they head out along the docks beneath the Canopy towards a warehouse halfway to the farring. As they stroll they walk through a momentary flurry of wind that reeks of cinnamon and spices, but leaves them invigorated. {Severe Burst, Scents of the Singular Mind}

After passing into the warehouse district they leave the shadow-walks and make their way t the designated address. A large pair of humanoids guard the door. Khlatah has a momentary word with them and then the group is directed inside. Within the dim confines of the warehouse, a nondescript human with sandy hair is flanked by two large half fiends.

The figure introduces himself as Sonus and offers them fate eater flesh, but at a hefty cost. He requests a slice of their destiny, a piece of their soul, years of their youth or a memory. A fierce debate follows when Iliana offers to give up a memory to achieve its goal. After much discussion, the Cmr accedes. Iliana agrees on the condition that the memory of her foster parents remains intact. Sonus agrees and a sense stone is used to remove the memory. (The memory of Ash.)

The group then makes their way through the Garter and back to the ships. Nervous of the contraband, Cmr Krysa decides to lift off immediately. Before doing so Falak sends universal ident data to the Dragon Empire ship in the hopes of making intergalactic contact once back on the prime material plane.

Deciding to try the orrery engine herself, Iliana links with the drive and they begin their trip back to Absalom Station and the prime material plane.

Fourthday 20 Desnus through Seventhday 23 Desnus, 318 AG 

The Drift. No events.

Eigthday 24 Desnus, 318 AG

Shifting back from the plane of shadow, the ships take up orbit a few hundred miles from Absalom Station and contact Historia-7. She sends a team of Exo Guardians to retrieve the fate eater flesh and directs them to dock and wait for instructions.

After docking, they decide to go for a drink while they wait. As they exit the docking bay they are ambushed by a small mob of Eoxians with Zo! and Historia-7 are the forefront. Gushing with excitement Zo! hugs Krysa and announces that due to an arrangement with the Starfinder Society the “Heroes of Songbird Station” will be having their next mission streamed to an audience of billions in Live Exploration Extreme!

Eigthday 24 Desnus (midmorning), 318 AG