Seconday 18 Desnus, 318 AG | Hyraeatan (The Docks)

While the conversation with Alyssa Starbow continues, the githyanki returns. He and Cmmdr.Krysa step off to the side and talk for a moment, and then return. Krysa asks Starbow to give the group a few minutes and then addresses the crew. Khlatah has made a connection that might lead them to the fate eater flesh the Starfinders want, but discretion is vital and the two of them must go alone. Leaving orders not to go to jail or piss off the locals,  Krysa and Khlatah head off saying they will return within 24 hours.

Meanwhile back at the Vulgar Skyshark, Iliana and the rest have taken note of the fighting pit at the far end of the bar. Deciding to take a shot at it Iliana goes several rounds with a scro officer carrying a toothed sword. Attuning to graviton she uses her abilities to resist his charge and pin him to the spot. To her surprise he manages to shake off two of her attempts to slam him into the ceiling, raining blows upon her as he does so.  Her third attempt ends the fight as she slams her opponent into the roof knocking him unconscious.

During all of this Morg and Jarimana cheer her on from the pit’s edge. Falak 13 takes up a spot on the other side of the bar from the brouhaha. Melisande is the only one to completely ignore the fight, continuing to talk with Alyssa. As a result, she is the only one to notice the odd, planar-infused weather (Major Flurry: Seeds of Synergy), drifts of seed pods that turn into tiny animated vines upon striking the ground.

A plan crystalizes to go to the College District and seek research facilities: libraries, universities, and such. While Alyssa is more than willing to give them proper directions says she is unable to join them. “I’m a bookbinder and that’s Steamwalker territory, I wouldn’t be very welcome in most of the places you want to go.

She directs them to the proper Lattice walkways and they part ways as the crew make their way deeper into the city.

The Colleges District

It takes a bit to get used to the shadow walk effect of the Lattice walks, but the five of them just manage not to overshoot their destination. The area seems much older than the Docks, and the number of schools and academies means streets full of adults and children in a wide variety of uniforms. They are directed to Astivar’s, a bookstore specializing in arcane and obscure knowledge. They find Emri, the gromish owner, to be extremely helpful. For the next several hours they peruse the shelves. Iliana purchases a small volume, A Primer to the Arcane Inner Flow. Melisande purchases books magical theory.

As the rest of the crew browse the bookstore Falak 13 looks around with an annoyed look on their face. “I can’t find fuck all, it’s all paper.” quips the technomancer.

Jarimana starts off by looking for cookbooks that contain prawn based recipes but ends up wasting all his time talking to a diminutive lizardfolk. After a while, he begins to inquire about prawn cookbooks when the Vu;gar Skyshark’s stew from earlier catches up to him. The only identifiable word in the midst of his long, loud, liquid, and fragrant belch is “prawns…!” The entire shop stops, and everybody states at him.

Shortly before leaving they hear Emri’s voice, “Stop!!”

A young human runs for the entrance, a leather-bound tome in his arms. Morg tackles him, throwing him into the corner of the counter which knocks him unconscious. As Emri hurriedly grabs the book and spirits it off to his office Melisande and Iliana are able to get a glance at the title, The Collected Chronicles of the Pathfinder Society.

Enri is quite grateful but dodges questions about the book. He gives Falak 13 an illuminated parchment with a magical software virus woven into its imagery.

Street Food

As they make their way back the group sample some of the culinary options of the city. An older shou woman running a noodle stand feeds Melisande, Morg, and Iliana for free. She is absolutely thrilled with the skittermander, or so they guess. Without a common language, it’s hard to tell.  At one point they pass an aroma that everyone but Falak 13 finds actinic and unpleasant, but to the android it is ambrosia. They follow it to a streetcorner stand where an oread is hawking “The finest gourmet isotopes from the Plane of Earth”. Jarimana buys the entire stock (30) from a rat on a stick vendor and munches all the way back. He saves one to see if the food synthesizer can duplicate it.

Back To The Ships

After winding along the edge of The Garter, the group makes their way back to the ships. The new crew members from The Artful Driftdodger seem to have self-segregated. The two metalheads, Five and Skinner, have taken guard posts on the Seventh Star. Meanwhile, the Jammy Dodgers (Spanners, Trisk, and Ella) are having band practice on the Artful Driftdodger while automatic routines scan the Radia and the Occlusion.

Everybody settles in for the night, awaiting the Commodore’s return on the morrow. While preparing for bed the console pings. The ship has detected another infosphere within range. The first since arriving in this high magic, low tech environment. Falak checks and the code is all written in draconic. The Cranky Pseudodragon, registered to House Desenere someplace called the Dragon Empire…

Seconday 18 Desnus, 318 AG | Hyraeatan