Thirday 12 Desnus, 318 AG | Absalom Station

After recovering from the prior evening’s bacchanalia the crew meets up for brunch, the Capt wearing a hoodie and going incognito (Ratrod and Fitch discovered that she had hooked up with both of them in the same evening). After making some tentative plans the crew go their separate ways.

Krysa and Morg record an episode of Catch My Drift! while Falak 13, Jarimana, and Iliana check out the ships and the upgrades. They are shown the new orrery drive, installed and networked to the drift engines, which will allow access to other planes and alternative worlds. Iliana updates her infosphere sites with the news that she has changed species and is now an elf thanks to planar bleed while on a mission. She also sends a message to Castrovel, to her step-parents, breaking the news of her species transition and asking for any info on Astral Extractions activities there. Melisande spends the day banking favors among her corporate contacts in The Eye.

A fine dinner is followed by drinks and most of the crew go off with their hookups from the prior evening. The next morning they all meet in the dry docks. The Seventh Star’s refit is impeccable, and the Artful Driftdodger has been tricked out in a base black paint job with purple and silver racing flames per the Captains orders. The new crew members bustle about, getting things in order for departure.

They are met by Historia-7, Armet the bastef, Fitch, and a yellow-skinned humanoid introduced as Khlatah the navigator. Historia-7 explains that this is a test drive for the magical orrery engines on Pact Worlds ships. It will allow the ships to travel to other planes of existence and also to alternate Primes by traveling along what Khlatah calls “The Lattice”. This is going to be a shakedown cruise, but there are sealed orders to be opened upon arrival.

Gear from GoBoozeMe and the Starfinder Society

Starfinder Society Provided Gear – 10 clips (Needler) 10 Clips 4 Clips (shadowstaff) 10 Clips (small arms rounds) Torpedo Minisub x 2 Ultralight Turboglider; GoBoozeMe – Minos Imbroglio whiskey (1 case) Barrelchest’s Traditional Brews (3 cases) Vixen sake (1 case) Ilisirae Feywine (1 case) The Lattice

The Lattice

Khlatah instructs Falak 13, Iliana, and Melisande on how to power up and operate the orrery drive by feeding it energy (3 spell slots or 3 psps or 1d4 Con). Over on the Artful Driftdodger Armet is doing the same with the other crew. They fire up the ships and pull out through the cloud of ships that always surrounds Absalom Station. They take a four hour drift jump to an isolated part of the system and then they fire up the orrery engines. The ships slip into the Plane of Shadow where the outline of a titanic roadway stretches before them.

Four days travel along the Lattice takes them to the multi-planar metropolis of Hyraetan, the City of 7 Seraphs. As the come in over the Straight of Stars entering the docks Iliana receives a message via long range telepathy, “This is Hyraetan, welcome to the city! Please hold your position and await docking instructions. ” After a brief wait they are directed to land at a pair of adjoining spaces near the piers. The massive city looms before them, surrounded by a ring of seven four-winged angel statues rising a thousand feet into the air. The dark waters of shadow stretch out beneath, and far above looms a city sized ether storm. As the ships come in for a landing they notice that the vast majority of ships docked here are smaller and often based on either primitive sailing ships or aquatic lifeforms.

Hyraetan, The City of 7 Seraphs

As the thrusters cool after the landing, a delegation of three approach the ship. Krysa, Melisande, and Jarimana leave the ship to meet them. After inquiring about their business, they collect dock fees and taxes from Khlatah who pays them with a bag of gold coins. Jarimana is gobsmacked! “Is that a cash transaction? I’ve read about those in histry files!”. Obviously Klatah knows the official, who jokes in parting about not getting into any bar fights as he departs. Klatah arranges to meet the commodore and crew at the Vulgar Skyshark in five hours so he can make some inquiries. The crew fall back to the Seventh Star and open their sealed instructions: they are to secure and return with one pound of fate eater flesh. The instructions come with a warning that this is serious contraband.

Falak 13 discovers that there is no local infosphere, nor is there any communication on the EM band beyond a single ship transponder nearby. When they try to hack into the other ship they encounter radically different base code than any they have seen before. Unnerved they make a point of surveying the crowds as they walk through the district to the meetup. A dizzying array of species comprise the crowd, including many thought to be legendary or extinct. They do see a few androids and one cyborg, but most of the tech and body mods in the crowd seem to be steam-driven tech.

Arriving at the Vulgar Skyshark they order a round and grab a table. Iliana scans the crowd for elves she can ask about this “Elven Imperial Navy” that has come up a few times. As they finish their first round a humanoid woman with red skin approaches and asks if she may take a moment of their time in exchange for a round of drinks. She introduces herself as Alyssa Starbow a collector of stories. After a very cagey beginning, they decide to trade information. In exchange for some rudimentary knowledge of the Pact Worlds, they are told a number of interesting things.

When asked about Illithids Alyssa say they are not welcome, but they are also not banned from the city. She has not seen one in some time, however. She also tells them a bit about the

Seconday 18 Desnus, 318 AG | Hyraetan