Put drunken V to bed.

Next day: Violetta’s note (see prop)

I have wavoosh for sale ! -Larran

V kicks in 1k, Klasasth 250, Moswen 500, Larrn 500, Lemmy 1K for 50 cases.(Hmmm… nice boxes says Larran looking at (astral driftwood) crates.)

Larran cleans and buffs ship fr three hours a day from here on out.

Delivery in morning to dock. (Total 65 cases of Wavoosh)

Negotiations take most of the day, then food and drinks on the town in Bleurophil.

Man pointedly bumps into LArran on street

Return to ship, sleep, wake up

Spankton! Thats what the smalljammer eats

Bounce to Truespace, then Astral, the Realmspace (Outer System)

Violetta trains them all in performance on the two week trip in from H’catha.

HEad in , Skim atmosphere at Karpri encounter Karpri Staion leaving. Did not investigate.

MOnte on helm (5 days out) when they sight 3 crimson fleet ships in the distance.They dodge without being seen.

Larran tells a bit about being an Elan and Lemmy recognizes his race from stories.

The wavoosh marketing plan is developed.

Inspection and 300gp taxes on imports/air

Dock, Lemmy Violtta trudge to Lavinia’s

SOldiers with bxes for Xring and Vanthus

Lav and guards take Vanth into library and lock the doors.

Compiling list of high end pubs for selling Wavoosh

Leaving stone with jewler gnome for ID

Zombies in the streets after the asteroid strike