IN Genesis Subchamber, with view of Dark Sun/Misfits in wall sized crystal window.

chao, I know this music! Explosions in the distance from Strom

Deciding to wreack havok Tavist shoots the control panel with his starwheel

Find ,map room and thought taker, Tavist shoot Thought taker with starwheel while kaolin puts a blade barrier between thought taker and juna star

Taj uses Cranial Deluge, tt shakes it off.

Enter the entryway see Illithd bas relief of tentacles crushing out suns. Just like Theridon’s dream all those years ago.

Tavist slams open the doors sees illithid, Kaolin hits it with her arrow of slaying.

Taj begin

Kaolin grabs the juna star While Kattar uses Exhalation of the Black dragon burns him while Illyana sings inspirtaional ditties

Taj; Cranial deluge “you two!” head explodes.

Taj shuts down map room, find the path to the large room.

Brin golems shrug off Taj’s disintigrate, Tavist shoots them with starwheels

Kaolin hits them with two arrows of searing light, Kaolin goes down under mental blast

Golem body slams wall narrowly missing Taj attacks with claws, teeth and tail,

Taj repeatedly fails to overcome their power resistnace, only one standing

Kattar gets up, sttscks golem wose wounds do not heal after being hit

Tavist gets up as Taj bites one. Tav fires off energy push tattoo (elec) throwing one across the room. He closes with the downed golem

Golem closing on prone Kaolin, Kattar hits with his forearm blades Taj finally overcomes their spell resistance with an energy push

Golems heal all damage except Kattars depcrystal blades and bite kills one golem

Taj, fail. “make it die” Kaolin nails it with an arrow of aberration slaying.

Tavist slams doors open door, sees illithid lord, kaolin shoots it with arrow of abber slaying, he rips arrow out of deadened shoulder and advances.

Illyana cold breath weapon, illithid advances with Lugribossk tearing its way out of him. Kaolin casts storm rage mail him with a lightning bolt Kattar hits it with deepcrystal while chanelling through it. Lugribossk manifests.

Illyana blast it with wand of fireballs. Mind balst drops everyone except kaolin and taj

Kaolin hits it with a lighning bolt The avatar then grabs her with a tentacle and begins drawing her near.Using freedom of movement she slips free

Kaolin casts a miracle after getting pounded by lugribosk. “Great celestian turn the tide of this battle”

A squad of ten quaruts appear and engage it, kaolin head otawrds fallen comrades. Tavist takes the blow kaolin heals Tavistr

Tav and K remain conscious through mental blast, t casts mage hand. Kaolinncasts windwalk as the engine explodes. Taj feel the dim anchor go away, shpere disintigrates Kaolin shouts “prepare to teleport!”

Taj contacts strom via correspond. Psionic plane shft in to Pernumbra. Appear 300 miles off from the ship “Hay,  just saved the multiverse, back off!” Wind walk to ship