Lemmy grabs sense stones,

Egg opens Klasasth shuts door.

Cas takes facehugger

Klasasth takes out one w chain

All get taken down by facehugs Klasasth and then Lemmy when he goes back for K

Ind23 diisappears for a moembt when talking to V

Taj appears as all preparet to rescue

add to your treasury…train the nestlings…ugh….sacrifice the weakest link!

Moswen eldritch blast takes out facehugger on Casimir doing 20 points acid damage.

LArren flames one Xring goes into basement

Klasath goes to -3 hp when Moswen eld blasts fhugger

V chant of fortitude

Moswne spider climbs wall and ushers them out

Lemmy goes down

Moswen blows Lemmys face off this time

Lemmy goes down third time

Nautiloid comes over CK horizon

Gotta swithc theyre coming for my face

Moswen shifts to realmspace ends up in spiralspace

Laren and Lemmy w/ fhuggers out on deck

K rips one off Larren then lemmys throw over the side.

Casimir IDs Spiral space near RoBral

Dock at robral

C, l, m got to Temple of Ptah

Everyone else to a bar

Cas get mom to sign Contract

Ibid corpse left w/ Temp of Ptah

Everyone gets 3 cure lt, 1 cure med and 1 cure serious

Casimir keeps hobbit weed from Ibids stuff

Others see illithid on Rock rat , leave K sits across the street

Moswen puts all potion bought into other glass vials with no religious symbols

GO to luigi’s

Celstia Silverfist comes in orders round Celebrating eradication of Pirates of Gith, toast.