They  pick up L at Temple with bratty 17 year old novices, priest comes in and whips three at her direction.

Red mask hung at entrance of greater market. Ef Utan notices repeated faces on street as they head for the docks. Brings it to Sapphira’s attention, and the others.

V detects background psionic hum, L detects nothing out of the ordinary magic-wise. Decide to go around Shou Town. Notice they are out of synch with buildings.

Repeat of Betz/Larbo meeting. Get paid in fire diamonds. “trying to introduce ppl to our level of crazy will get you no where” says Sapphira.

Simi, silly putty copy of starchart.

L and K see Larbo’s face transform to bloody mask of rage.

Spelljammer comes through L’s portal, Sapphira manages to keep ship from capsizing. They immediately give chase, staying outside of its air envelope.

Fly above it . SJ shoots bolt that condenses Rajrin out of the aether. Lenatta takes the helm. V tries to use empathy on Sj, is dropped to her knees by its power. Big, curious, urge to travel, massive psionic energy.

Ef Utan notices the giff and the box are no longer there. Kenari checks her chalk marks, still there. Ef Utan checks fire diamonds, still there.

Sapphira’s dada appears. Aggravates all, Kenarai gets him to leave room and he vanishes in puff of green smoke.

Find more doors down hallway, K checks for traps, none. Plan to open al doors at once. Glimpse of Carrigmoor and Ef’s dad.

V sees Edonas, behind her door (lost virginity to him). She walks in and embraces him, in the Garden of Fleeting Visions.Gets uo, bats his ahands away and goes back into halway.

Try to figure out when the last time they were actually awake was. Figure back on the ship at Bral.

K takes ball of yarn and heads back down hallway he way they came. Tie string to door handle and retrace steps. Find room with young Kenari being taught by scribe.

See Morpheus, told beware false visions.

Wake up, messenger from Torgan Betz….