Formally invite Ayrun aboard. Work out pay moving forward.

Catch Vedis up on info they’ve unearthed. She tells them about being held for questioning by The Watchers, the Bralian Crown’s spy network. They wanted info on any further conflict with Muwara or the Tenth Pit (would e profitable and friendly”)

Bag o tanglefoot bags from Luigi for Simmi. Eats them all at once.

Vedis tries telepathic contact with Parvatt(a) to no avail. Spends rest of voyage getting to know the Dvati and find out more about Melkot and his connection with Dream.

They are greeted by Spudnik I as they approach Ironpiece. Gnome overshoots in catapault, Ef Utan reels him in with arrow/rope. Clears them for landing once he finds out they are here to tell the families of the Sidewheeler of the crew’s deaths.

Landing in port they are greeted by Gomja. Sends them towards market where ost everything is tinkerish. Vedis finds workman’s goggles to her great joy.

Day spent researching the gnomish invention records. Ship was testing armaments int he flow.

Spend evening at The illustrious Sign Of The Failed Experiment And The Advancement Of Science That Follows In It’s Size 37 Footsteps.Gnomish wake. Find out ship was headed: Flow, Spiral, Bral. research mission.

Fight giant hamster in the streets. Ayrun drops/elarges it with ray of enfeeblement. Very grateful gnomes.

Back to sip, to bed. ext morning.

Seek out Gomja.get info.

Return to ship to find gift of Baby hamster.

off to spiral gnomes went to see sage:therran

Tells them that Dreamstone can manifest a target’s dreams. Ritual to activate.

Tell acolytes to guard ship, back in a few days. Take portal to Market Ward of Sigil.

VEdis and Lenatta visit the Dream temple, leave offering (need to resolve)

Ef Utan catches up with planewalkers gets current gossip. Kenari and Ayrun go shopping.