Lemmy escorts the furious Moswen out the door
Vanthus looks over, misses cas, the disguised Violetta, and Klasath
Lemmy takes Moswen down a notch gets her on slow burn.
Vanthus leaves, sees Lemmy, dons wings and flees
Lemmy throws Moswen over shoulder and tries to blend in
Drops her behind garbage in the alley
Grabs the rest brings to moswen
V eidetic locks the image of Moswen asleep in the trash

Accosted by strange man

Seen crimson fleet ship coming to dock escorted by Man o war

“Id carry Moswen in a sack” -Lemmy

Larran and Klas almost kill Moswen

“Githy can bend this way, why cant she?” Klas

I rub Moswen’s bottom for good luck – Lemmy

See Pirates of Gith, argue about whether to speak with them or not

kl drops back to speak

klasath confronts PirateGith while the rest proceed to the smalljammer

Enter docking caves/undermarket of Bral

Lemmy overhears someone say “90 uh… nautical miles,  errrr…. off the satellite grid to get to Athas???”  or thats the best he can remember

klasath tastefully refrain

Starlight rooftop

then barhopping to Pink Nautiloid

Astrid in charge

Larren and V drinking inside, Klasath and Lemmmy on guard outside, Cas and Moswen on Smalljammer in next dock.