After leaving Herdspace they shuffle crew around amongst the ships of the armada and prepare for the Seven Stars to set out in the Nautiloid. Since there is no way for the their other ships being able to keep up with the ancient psionic helm the remaining ships were to set out for the Rock of Bral in its new home, The Grinder of Greyspace.

Having brought their toughest and most trusted aboard the Nautiloid Taj Pach uses the psionic circuitry to activate the ship and plot a course for Penumbra in the sphere known as Truespace. A massive sphere with over a hundred seperate  star systems inside it. The sphere from which the xixchil herself originated.

Once the ship’s brainmate has engaged the Nautiloid accellerates, rapidly attaining a speed over twenty times spelljammer speed. The flow seems to to whip around the ship’s exterior like the winds of a hurricane.

A mere two weeks later, far beyond Knowne Space but still barely on the map provided by the elves, they encounter a sphere so large that it seems as though the Flow has ended in an infinite wall. Truespace. Taj activates the portal opener and they enter, the sight of this deadly space whose laws are so different from their native wildspace filling the windows.

A few days days of travel and the sight of Penumbra looms. It is a system devoid of conventional planets, having a single mighty discworld as wide as the Orbit of Toril that fills its space. A tall hollow mountain extends above and below the surface of the disc with a column of sunlight shining from it’s two peaks. Due to its walls the entire surface of the disc lies in constant shadow. Hoping they were on the right track when first the bug and the original Seven Stars crossed paths, they alight near their first landing point.