Sapphira- devil period, smashing glass, etc.
Shop in waterdeep, go to sigil gate to Greyhawk.

Pick up custom coins from Durin the dwarven Smith he steers them towards maldin’s where Vedis is barred by the circle of protection. Stop in sex shop (hatchet faced blonde at desk) buy starter kit of dildos etc.
Off to Celestian temple to pay tithe, apologize again for the guns in the rectory incident and find novice pilots. Hire Kelson Sehns, a Suel boy fleeing pregnant girlfriends father.

Make purchases, check out equip store and then dinner at the Broken staff. Vedis gets eyeballed by the servers, meets Talos the halfling who tells of the university.

Retrieve keslon, plane hop back to Waterdeep. teach him to pilot.

head for Bral. 1 day out run up against Frostfire attacking a sidewheeler.

Coming in from above they rappel in, Lenatta and vedis dropping thunderstones as they do.