Kenari jumpr on Grigori stomps him down

Ef goes thug bwoling

K finds plot note from S&C on warlock

Meet Grudge come to accord. Info + giff body + warlock body in return for ceasation of hostilities.
Leave Teeth of Araska Lenatta gets off helm and prepares speak with dead

Lanatta knows of treeg (from golarion, periodiclally can built fleets)

L interrogates corpses w speak with dead –

Warlock not woring for Xth pit, was working for TB

Giff gift is legit, TB set them up

UnID’d Giff- Name is Seelojaq, did not work for TB

Proceed to Greatspace with package

One week in flow, then speak w dead again (gentle repose)

Larbo – Recipient not in on attack , TB works for himself

Jopran Shambrath on Hecht, tunnrover amulet, get padi 25,000 gp in diamond dust

HEad out to realmspace

Find larbos spoon of yaneesh

Avoid HCatha, skim GArden atmosphere. Ef notices trailing ship (maybe)

Land at Waterdeep. leave spoon with Wilhel. Ef gives each a fire ruby to go shopping.