Messenger brings word The Torgan Betz wants a meeting….

Meet at Drunken Neogi without the cat.  get 1500 in gems Anadian Fire Rubys retainer for small package gig  (S & C p 11). Set meeting 3 days away at dawn.

Lenatta casts wards (3d8+5 each)  on the portholes of the Dragonfly. Ef Utan handles gun permits for him and Kenari (10gp each). Douchenozzle simi pisses off Vedis and the crew see her first Outburst. Sapphira chills out.

3 days go by. Kenari is asleep. Lenatta charts course. Bralspace- 23 days to Refuge 7 days  to Realmspace and then 17 more to Greatspace.

Get into the Flow, 5 days out see a Hammership (The Barracuda) puled over by an EIN warbird. Ef recognizes it as Tal Gilgalaad’s ship from their bounty list. They fly casual and escape entanglements.

A week goes by and pod of starwhales, find smoking wreck of Sidewheeler. After Larbo complains they head on out. Leantta prays for them. (Note, give her bad dream about abandoning them).

They leave, go to refuge. Encounter refuge fleet get filled in on the sphere. They head to Below to recharge atmosphere. Park in slip 23 on Refuge.

Lenatta sleeps on the ship. Kenari heads for the Casino. Ef Utan and Vedis gets hot food- Yaneesh for the Giff, and sampling other stuff themselves. They encounter Shaundan Thyritor The Mad One. and Basil the fur trader.

After 24 hour rest stop they take off. 3 days from Realmspace. They encounter The Silent Runner, and Wasp which keeps on going.

Larbo goes to helm room after wasp sighting and shoots Lenatta. Kenari, Vedis, Sapphira fight him. Vedis Surges and puts him to sleep (first time comrades experience the euphoria) .

Kenari cuts Larbos throat. Takes box.Ef grapples their ship with ballista while Lenatta tries to stabilize course. Ships spiral around each other as Ef pulls himself along the rope the the enemy ship.

Lenatta stabilizes ship. Kenari tries cure lt wounds on Wilhelmiana. Warlock blasts Ef while Vedis and JKenari take to the ropes.

Kenari – Climbing rope

Vedis -Clinming rope

Ef Utan Bul STR 36 rounds

Sapphira – Getting up on dck

Wilhelmina – waking up and getting ready to attack.