LAst game

Kenari follows to 10th it wareouse after evening of talking shit at bars


Kenari reports on the Warehouse after meeting them back on the street.

Lenatta called back to temple to teach novices.

Kenri resume watch at warehouse, from roof.

Sapphira uses her rouge of ruse and set up across the street wathing the warehouse, Vedis gets half block ehind S and watches her back.

Ef wanders the area.Discovers 5 or  groups watcing the warehouse covertly.Sees multuiple groups surveiling each other and the warehouse.

Kenari listens from roof: sees 10th pit guy go down through trap door in the floor.Also sees shift change of guards. Comes down

O tials follow them when they leave and return to the ship.Start planning best way to deal with Eric/10th pit and others. Shopping for siege engines. Sell catapualt and buy ballista. Bring ship to drydock, 5 days to be ready.

Down for the night.

Vedis finds herself dreaming. Finds the others naked in the dream woods.Tattoos seem to have a slight shimmer to them.

Meet other selves in dream temple, told of rips in reality by smoking kobold.

Everyione wakes up fuzzy except Vedis.

Kenari goes to library,  Ef Utan and Vedis goes to talk to Lugi. Sapphira on ship gets message about meeting Torgan Betz.