Wand of polymorph 3 charges left

The smalljammer known as Voidskimmer floats in the Air. The Elemental Air. Within Our Heroes crowd around the unconscious, one armed form of Vanthus Vanderboren, scorched by eldritch and psionic blasts.

“oh drat says bug and vanishes.

Genie shows up and nabs Casimir, Sultan wants to talk to you about his daughter.

Attached The Sultan of The Silver Court Larran says lets go to Blurophil

V takes them to SJ Speed in the Air, passes and backtracks to an earth body w oak tree and house on it.

Lemmy pees on Vanth

Mos, Lar and Klas go to house on rock. Greeted by Iolande get info on Bleurophil

Retun to ship, “Not It” Leaves Larren stuck clecning urine. Threatens to do it with fire, “unless you have a better way” stomps out lie a bitch

Fly off. Lemmy gives Vanthus a sponge bath.

Klasasth takes moswen’s bow and tests gravity by shooting in different directions. Backfires and shoots himself in the leg, then finds out bow was a family heirloom of Moswen’s.

Shoping on Belurophil -Riven=former Harmonium

Time dragon appears and claims his familiar, the modron.

Moswen gets ankh pickpocketed

Lemmy sees paiting of V as a Gith, tries to purchase, told to find owner through the warehouse

Crew return, Lemmy fills them in.