7StarsLogoThese are the events that ended the pre Hurricane Katrina incarnation of the campaign as reconstructed by those of us that were there.

Dave the pilot, aided by Taj Pach with her techno-magic staff aid the Restorationists in restoring the Sky Chariot of the Ancients, a pre-conflagration starcraft of some sort while the forces of Napoleon 3 pound the encampments psionic defences outside.

Meanwhile in the Kelhorn’s Grace Drake’s seizures have been becoming more frequent. The arcs of bioelectricity become more and more severe until they have to move hip away from the ship to a tent on the encampment’s edge.

Once finished the Restorationist crew boards the Sky Chariot and the Seven Stars board the Kelhorn’s Grace. As the two ships lift off Drake emerges through the back blast, now 60′ tall, wreathed in electrical arcs, and roaring in mindless rage. As the shocked crew rises into the sky he leaps and almost catches the Kelhorn’s Grace. He is rapidly lost to view as the two ships scream towards orbit.

At Tavist’s direction Dave falls in behind the Sky Chariot as they follow the navigation program towards “The Cities of Man.” Passing beyond the orbit of Luna the two ships make haste towards a point in space concealed on the moon’s dark side where they find an asteroid station fully fifteen miles across besieged by Illithid ships. Small fighter craft similar to the ones in the Dragon Empire oppose them but are greatly outnumbered.

An Illithid Dreadnaught falls into line behind them, sparkling bolts of psionic energy passing closely off the bow of the Kelhorn’s Grace. As Dave whips through space pushing his ship for everything he can get out of it a huge portal opens in space in the distance ahead. As it does the now familiar ripple of purple energy that have been bouncing them from one multiverse to another rolls out from the prow of the Dreadnaught.

As the dimensional shock-wave intersects the portal everything lurches and explosions rock the ship….