Welcome to the reboot of the Seven Stars Campaign. Almost four years after the game was disrupted in mid adventure by the advent of Hurricane Katrina we now find four of the original gamers again in the same city and able to play, so we do. We’ve picked up at the same place our last game in August of 2005 left off.

thoonsoldier[Dimensional Shift: Gamma Terra to Dragonstar]

As the dimensional shock wave from the Illithid Dreadnaught intersects the orbit of the massive portal the Kelhorn’s Grace is slammed by turbulence and huge arcs of psionic and arcane energies.  Shaken as battered in the process, the ship tumbles across the dimensional barriers.

An undetermined amount of time later the crew, or most of them, awaken amidst damage and the smoke from a number of electrical fires. Kaolin, Taj Pach, and Tavist notice that they do not see Finn anymore and after a quick headcount realize a full third of the bridge crew seem to have gone without a trace. Examination of the ship shows a large number of people, objects, and in one case a chunk of hull have vanished without a trace.

After restoring communications with the the rear of the ship, on the other side of the hull breach they discover that in addition to a number of Taj Pach’s buglings Ozzy seems to be amongst the missing. As the group absorbs this foul news word comes from the bridge, Dave has managed to get the navicomp up and running and the constellation are familiar to him. While the Imperials whoop with joy the remaining Seven Stars look on with envy, still far removed from their native multiverse and now missing friends.

A course is set to return to the Ancient Nautiloid, the intervening travel time being used to repair the autodoc and other damage.  A  course is plotted leading them out of the domain of the Red Dragons and towards the Nautiloid’s last known position in the domain of the Golds.

Cautiously approaching from behind other asteroids in the field they see not only an abscence of Imperial ships guarding the Ancient Nautiloid, but also another Nautiloid of newer vintage parked along side it.

Taj Pach dimension doors onto the Ancient Nautiloid while invisible in order to recon. Two large entities covered in blades and obviously made rather than born stand guard in the helm room while a pair of oddly accoutered illithids gesticulate before an altar they have set up against one wall. As she stares in shock at the sight of the altar she realizes that the  illithids are channeling divine magic, something unheard of.  Embracing the better part of valor she returns to the Kelhorn’s Grace.

Plans are laid and the remaining Seven Stars prepare to board their old ship, casting protective magics and psionic effects. Then, invisible, they dimension door onto the main deck.

The two bladed creatures and the two tattooed illithids are still here, however so is a normal illithid. As the three watch the Tattooed illithids seem to be drawing some sort of viscous green fluid from the writhing body of the normal one. The fluid rises up, as if by levitation, to form a spinning globule about a foot in diameter above the altar. Kaolin confirms the xixchil’s observation: these illithids are using divine magic!

Coming out of invisibility they attack the bladed entities, inflicting enough damage to one that it dies. Unfortunately as it does so it explodes in a 30′ ball of flame. That captures the attention of the strange illithids who turn and unleash their mind blasts. Tavist and Taj Pach crumble to the ground insensate.

With a wave of her orange furred arms Kaolin conjures a wall of blades directly in front of the strange illithids effectively pinning them to the wall. Tavist and Taj awake, but the xixchil is taken down by a another mind blast as soon as she stands.

Tavist and Kaolin make short work of one of the illithids and the other bladed soldier. As they prepare to kill the last illithid it says “The Shadow of Thoon is upon you!” and disappears using what Kaolin identifies as a plane shift effect.

Radio contact is made with Dave after discovering that neither the corvette nor the other nautiloid were outside. He has the nautiloid in pursuit but is outdistancing them so far. Splitting up they search the ship while Taj Pach double checks the helm.

IMage courtesy of the WOTC Online Art Gallery for Monster Manual V