Head to warehouse looking for painting.

Warehouse Sign of the Flying Fish

Gnome Abaxis sasy will inquire after V talks to him (Art snob act)

Klasasth shares Vlaakith/Gith story and Lemmy shares vision of Swanson that sent her to V

Painting unloaded from Fantail p44 Aether and Flux

The Cloudrunner (Ether Guild Fantail)Tour of the demiplanes

V and Mos frogmarch Klasath down the street in search of hotel with a bar

Lemmy searches Casimir;s quarters, finds 600 gp jems

Leaves gems in Xrings mummys hands in Upper deck storage level.

Check into the Silver Lining view of the park in the center of disc

V engages scribe to make calling card, sends it to the warehouse

Moswen takes bath in huge marble bath w/ water from EPoW, comes out super formal and scrubbed.

V has three robes made takes turn in bath

Bullroarer O’Keefe, Man of substance sends invite to talk about buying painting.

Check out and head back to ship.

Lemmy buys bushel of various demiplanar fruits, dragon pears and such.

Private room in the back of the Smothered Loon

Sigil by Drake Gith painting delivered in return for the story

Magical deal with Bullroarer

Sususrrus, air round of wavoosh

TAlk to barkeep, need to go to embassy for floating court

Buy case of Wavoosh

Paintings in crew quarters, hangs the Kaerandyl,

Larran thinks at ship trying to get it to create quarters for him

Violettta scrawls down glyph from paintings back, asks Klasath who IDs it as KIthrik (gith seer ad painter)

Sunrise (rest) Moswen, Lemmy, Larran

Embassy Wedding was yesterday – not comign back soon – get word to Cas and the wife

Moswen and Violetta guard ship while others hit breweries

Ms Jean and Ian at Wavoosh distilleries, Larran buys 15 cases for 1K gp

Hot chicks take delivery of cases, crack into it, feed some to Vanth until he passes out.

V and Mas get raving drunk on Wavoosh

V vomits maroon smoke when she gets sick, Moswen hold her hair back

Note : write up list of purchased acohols