While Hissarmau tries to relax after her terrifying experience and the others party with the Vikings Moswen tries to use some of the giant leaves of the Yggdrail to patch the holes in hull. Ibid, in the meantime continues to tend to the unconscious Xring, Casimir and Endora. Individual 23 sits on the Voidskimmer’s wind whistling to itself.

Casimir finally awakes, tries to sit up, and falls back down dizzy and battered. “What the frak happened to my ship?!?!” he asks. Ibid fills him in a bit. Elekith walks over bearing a bowl of soup and an ale. Casimir stands up, pulls his starwheel and holds it to the elf’s head.

“Never without my permission, never when I am drunk. Never.” He says, cocking the trigger. He then leans over and kisses the elf on the top of his head and sends him away. He then goes into the ship to examine the damage.

As he inspects the damage to his beloved ship Casimir collect several smaller pieces of the fractured hull for future study, noting that they seem more like some form of ceramic rather than anything living. Returning to the encampment on the branch he engages the Ratatosk in conversation. After the second time Cas calls it a squirrel the creature lets loose with a taunting string of profanity and slurs on Csimr, his family, his home plane, and many other things besides.

Astounded by the potty mouth eloquence of the creature Casimir compliments him on his profanity and offers an apology. He then asks if the Ratatosk would give him lessons. He then shakes hands with the now hesitant and confused creature and heads towards the camp fire.

Annoyed by the plethora of propositions she is receiving from the Vikings, Violetta goes to bed.

The next morning Violetta is awoken by the smell of frying sausages. Putting on her silk kimono, a gift from Angel, she heads out on the wing where she sees the Vikings cooking and breaking camp. The others slowly start drifting out of the ship, suffering varying degrees of hangover.

Over breakfast Violetta argues about the lenght of days on Yggdrasil with the Ratatosk until Ragnar tells her the days here are of random length. While she does so Ibid and Moswen pour over the parchment they won on the Astral, realizing as they study it that it is not for planar travel. Instead it seems to take you “outside,” the planes themselves.

Ibid checks on the bug. The Xixchil’s sytem is not reacting wel to the spelljammer shock. It seems she is worsening. Later that morning her condition takes a nosedive. A few hours later Xring the Xixchil dies. As the others look on, stricken, Moswen gets an inspiration. Scooping up the surprisingly light insect she runs for the helm and sets Xring in it. There is a flash of white light and a moment later a ghostly translucent Xring rises from the Xixchil corpse.

Xring converses with the flabbergasted crew, explaining that she believes something about connecting to the helm as her spirit left her body interrupted her trip to the realm of Mrrn, the Hive God leaving her stuck here as a ghost. Since she had a full complement of spells at the time there was certainly arcane energy enough to cause the disconnect.

The crew begin to discuss what to do with the body. Violetta asks if they can remove the jewels and such from her carapace and integrate them into the ship’s repairs. Xring consents and then says she would like to be taken to the Tears of Selune and buried in space in the manner of her people.

Ibid spends the next few hours with Moswen giving her a crash course on piloting a spelljammer. With him at her should providing guidance she manages to planejamm to the Astral. Setting her mind on Crosswinds Keep she takes the Voidskimmer racing across the Silver Void.

As they approach the swirling maelstrom of color pools called the Elserryn Cluster the warlock reduces speed takes a cautious final approach. As the dead god’s head upon which Crosswinds Keep is built moves into view they see several Githyanki void ships, numerous troopers and blackweave warlocks, and several red dragons assaulting the external perimeter of the Zone of Exclusion. Xring, using the logic “I’m already dead,” moves into the outer fringes of the fray. The Githyanki note her presence, but it seems that as long as she doesn’t interfere she is ignored. She attempts to get closer to the force shield but the boiling mass of energies from the combined Githyanki / Red Dragon attack makes it impossible for even a ghost to get very close.

With a heroic effort and Ibid’s expert help Moswen manages to port the ship into the Circle of Exclusion, appearing just off the dock for Crosswinds Keep. She is momentarily dazed and completely drained of magic to the point that can no longer even fly.

While destructive energies are held at bay by the transparent force shield they cast flickering multihued light across the still and silent expanse of Crosswinds Keep. Violetta tries casting forth a message to Lemmy and gets no discernible response. Casting invisibility on herself she brings the now incorporeal insect along and heads into the silence of the Keep itself.

As they zoom through the Keep they find little other than a scattering of bodies, craniums broached and devoid of brain matter. Far too few bodies. Hissarmau messages them that something odd has been found and they return to the dock.

Guided by Moswen and Hissarmau via message spell the ghost bug and the invisible helbred make their way toward the visual disturbance noticed by Hissarmau. Violetta gets close and manages to break through the psionic invisibility to find an Illithid Boreworm ship.

Upon hearing that its ilithids HIssarmau reminds the bard about Yggdrasil’s Star. She heads back to the ship and retrieves it from Moswen although she does not activate it. The invisible Violetta return to the Boreworm with the star in hand and ready.

As the ladies move around the ship they come the viewing port, which seems to be made of some sort of scarlet semitransparent resin, where she sees Larren unconscious with. He is sitting in a spelljammer helm that has chains attaching at his wrists, ankles, and neck. Xring passes through the hull into the cabin and tries to wake him to no avail.

Violetta enters the ship through the open side port just as the interior door opens revealing an illithid. Xring immediately casts protection from evil.

Roll Initiative!