As Violetta and Casimir call out to the people hidden in the branches of the Yggdrasil Moswen hovers amongst the branches in the Voidskimmer with HIssarmau, Xring and Individual 23 looking down from the exterior deck. Endora Syzygy stays inside, completely blown away by the transition from the Astral to the Yggdrasil.

Four humans dressed in nordic style accompanied by one rather tall elf and a ratatosk guide step into the open. “They’re all guys, I’ll let you do the talking,” says Casimir out of the side of his mouth to Violetta.

The leader introduces himself as Sigurd Jarlson. The others are Rolf, Ragnar, Thorveig, Bjorn, Elekith the elf, and Tharvalg the ratatosk guide. Violetta asks where they were going and is told they were “traveling from one portal to another.” Discussion proceeds, the upshot of which is that they decide to make camp there on the branch and confer for the evening. The vikings, curious about the both smalljammer and two buxom women who seem to run it, agree to share what info they might have that would be of use.

Ibid goes back to guard the ship, Endora and the modron. Violetta and the rest proceed to perform for Sigurd and his men. Violetta sings and provides the beat with her drum, Moswen does backup vocals, Xring does that cricket buzzing things she does, and Hissarmau caterwauls. Surprisingly under the helbred bard’s direction they put on an amazing performance (Perform 35).

“That deserves a proper toast, eh lads?” yells Sigurd, laughing and clapping at the end of the set. He has Ragnar pull out a quarter keg with a huge, thick wax seal on it with the bas relief of a hammer. Cutting the seal they serve a round in drinking bowls. Trying to be funny Violetta manages to dump the bowl full down the front of her tunic, immediately capturing the attention of all the men there. Well, almost all.

Mosewn notices that the elf seems hardly appreciative of the decolletage presented. She decides to keep and eye on him. Casimir down his, tries to stand up, fails, tries again. As he finally makes it to his feet he staggers off to the ship, listing a bit to starboard all the way. Moswen catches the elf watching Cas’ retreating buttocks appreciatively.

Moswen, Xring and Violetta confer on the side for a moment and then Violetta and Xring approach Elekith and over the next several cocktails convince him that going to Casimir’s cabin and “enjoying the evening” is exactly the right course of action. In short order he leaves for the ship. Violetta messages Ibid to let the elf in and to leave him and Casimir alone.

Meanwhile Moswen is drunkenly trying to teach Hissarmau and the ratatosk to play jacks. Tharvald seems quite taken with the game, although a bit confused on its rules. As the swaying warlock takes her turn she manages to accidentally hurl the jacks over the edge of the branch…

Violetta joins the Vikings as they pour a few rounds of mead. Moswen, already intoxicated, proceeds to get belligerently drunk. Xring heds back to the ship to check up on things. As she depats she asks Violetta if she is okay. “I’m with a bunch of vikings, what could happen” Violetta

Xring does a quick circuit of the ship, hearing sounds of “intimacy” from behind Casimir’s door. Ibid tells her not to disturb him, the elf is in there. Getting a good chuckle out of the self proclaimed leader’s evening of sodomy they leave to continue making the rounds. Moswen staggers on baord shortly thereafter and passeds out cold on the deck.

Xring returns to the Viking camp and finds Violetta dancing on the branch drunkenly to the appreciative hoots and howls of the nordic contingent. As the xixchil approaches Sigurd grabs Violetta’s hand and says “look, the stars are about to come out, lets go watch!” In short order the group make their way towards the outermost end of the branch where large objects, vaugely like pinecones, hang at the outermost tips of the branches.

A few moments later the “pinecones” open up to reveal small points of faery like light. These are the stars of the Yggdrasil. Xring, using her innate climbing skills, manages to squirm out to the end of the branch and after several tries manages to catch one of the stars in her hand and bring it back to the group. Hissarmau, seeing a shiny thing and not wanting to be outdone by the bug makes her own attempt. Losing her grip she falls, managing to catch herself by one paw. She hangs there for a moment while the others race around looking for rope, and then plummets down through the branches as she loses her grip one final time.

“The Ship, its her only chance!” yells Violetta. Xring, maing use of her superior speed, races back to the Voidskimmer and sits in the helm. It seems like forever as the helm link forms, losing her almost half a minute before being flight capable. Once online the xixchil puts the smalljammer into a power dive down through the branches in an attempt to rescue the “ship’s cat.”

While Violetta and the Vikings watch from the branch Xring punches through the foliage below as she pursues Hissarmau. The catfolk monk invokes still mind as she falls and tries to guide her fall between the titanic branches of the World Ash. The Voidskimmer takes some hits on the way down, one branche piercing the hull and ripping through Moswen’s abdomen. As the race continues the ship takes more damage as branches shatter the front, left porthole and the dart spitter. In the process Endora gets injured severely by a hull breach and the branch that caused it.

Looking out of the porthole Moswen sees the figure of Hissarmau, tail fluffed out to several times its normal width, falling almost even with the ship. Holding her side to stem the flow of blood she braces herself in the cargo bay doors waiting for the right moment. Thinking she has it figured out Mowsen leaps from the ship, trying to tackle Hissarmau and push her onto the stability of one of the passing branches. Their hands miss by a matter of inches. As the monk continues to fall, Moswen is barely able to grab a branch and pull herself up onto it. As she looks down she sees the catfolk falling still as the Voidskimmer shatters branches on its way down to save her.

It is at about this point that Casimir’s voice is heard to roar from belowdecks, “My Ship! What the F*ck are you doing to my ship!” As he does so another impact slams him into the wall knocking him unconscious. Elekith the elf catches him, “I’ll kiss it and make it better,” he whispers. At the same time on the other side of the ship Individual 23 gets smashed up by aother wayward branch.

Through some complex maneuvering through the branches Xring is finally able to get the ship’s deck somewhat underneath Hissarmau as she angles the Voidskimmer into a more horizontal orientation. The monk does a m incredible roll and tumble onto the ship, grabbing the cargo door and hanging on as they crash through the surrounding foliage.

As Xring pulls the ship up and exits the foliage she veers too far to one side clippig the left wing of the Voidskimmer on a branch. Part of said branch smshes a ten foot hole in the ceiling of the cockpit while other branches pierce various portions of the now battered ship. Xring is thrown from the helm in a blast of energy and lies motionless on the floor with purple smoke rising from her body. The ship begins to tumble out of control through the atmosphere.

Looking down from above the Vikings are cheering and howling at the foolhardy bravery of the maneuver. When someone mentions betting on the outcome she immediately puts down 350 gold pieces on The Misfits.

Meanwhile back on the ship Hissarmau, makes use of her feline balance and speed to head for the bridge. Taking in the situation quickly she sits herself down on the helm. The few moments while the helm attunes to her seem to take forever, when it finally engages she manages to pull it out of the tumble and shoot straight upwards to the original encampment on the branch above. (Pilot check 21!) As she lands on the wooden expanse she sees Violetta collecting a significant amount of Ysgardian coin from the Vikings. As she steps onto the deck they cheer wildly!

“That was amazing! What do you call yourselves?” asks Sigurd, grinning like a madman. “The Misfits, ” replies Violetta, “We go where evil dares!”

“To The Misfits!” shouts Ragnar!

Pulling out the sealed keg of “the good stuff” Sigurd leads the cheering for Moswen and Xring. The bug and Endora are carefully laid on the ground at the side of the feasting while Ibid applies potions and poultices to their woulds. Casmir is tenderly carried out in the arms of Elekith, who tends to his unconscious form.

Violetta begins to imrov a song about the rescue they all just witnessed, using minor image to replay a more idealized visual image of events alongside her music.

As the irregular night time of Yggdrasil darkens once again the party is in full swing.

Abscences: Lemmy, Klasath, Laren, Casimir, Ibid