Falling back to Lucille’s the group try to figure out a plan of action. eventually getting the feeling one suffers from beating one’s head against a wall they retire for the evening.

In the morning they head to the docks where the Voidskimmer is tied up. Violetta chats with the guard at the pier, but he’s seen no one coming or going. They meander the docks scanning the crowd, but see no sign of him. As luncheon nears they turn up the road that divides Kara Town from the Red Lantern District, making quickest pace for Lavinia Vanderboren’s, ale and food. Lemmy splits off, heading for the dockside pubs to see if he can find any useful info.

Suddenly a naked, soaking wet Casimir and Hissarmau barrel past them seemingly fleeing unseen pursuers. Violetta picks up the pace and runs with them toward Vanderboren Manor.

Larren and Khlasath, having just recently arrived from a very log trip dealing with renting rooms, step out into the street. Hailing from Sigil, or The Cage as many planewalkers call it, the two are hardly fazed by the profusion of species found on the asteroid city. Adventuring partners for many years the Elan and the the pariah Githyanki make a formidable and experienced duo. As the naked, soaking catfolk and human run past them and what seems to be tiefling joins in the chase Khlasath just looks at Larren and says, “Hmph. Reminds me of The Cage somewhat.”

As the recently arrived planewalkers and our heroes stare at Casimir’s receding bony ass cheeks Xring sees pursuers coming up the alley behind. Scurrying higher up the wall she prepares for possible combat, swiping her forelimb blades through the air. Six figures in the same colors as Dame Syzygy’s personal guard march determinedly up the street.

Xring runs up wall while the cagers and our heroes each move to the street corners and turn to get out of the guards’ path. The uniformed figures rapidly make their way up the street, their pace quickly eating up the two remaining blocks to Vanderboren Manor.

In the meantime, having reached the Manor, Casimir finds some clothes while Hissarmau dries herself off and Violetta grills him. At the sound of steel on steel they make their way out towards the front gate.

At the gate the six uniformed bravos are in mid melee with six of the Vanderboren Guard. Those following behind, including the Elan and the Githyanki, see The Masked Bard (Violetta) summon a Celestial Hound which she directs to attack. As the shining beast leaps into the fray she steps forward the air darkening around her as her eyes flash with hellfire.

While Casimir calmly walks, unarmored, toward the combat Xring, Ibid, and Moswen engage from the street side. As Moswen hurls her first eldritch blast a figure in plate armor comes charging into the fray. It’s Lemmy!

The purplish black energy of of Moswen’s eldritch blasts ripples through the air like purple flame laced with lightning to slam one of the guards to his knees. For the merest blink his form shimmers and he seems to be…something else.

As Lemmy handily disposes of the first guard Moswen keeps pounding them with her blasts. Violetta unslings her spiked chain and wades into the fray. Then, as Moswen hits another and its form shimmers for a moment a voice at the edge of the crowd shouts something in a fluid but gutterral sounding language. All of the “guards” immediately turn and glare in the direction of the voice. Its a tall, bone thin figure, with black clothing and black cloths tied across his face above and below his nose, masking his features.

The figure is Khlasath. He throws his cloak back from his shoulders and takes astep forward. As he does so his clothing is suddenly replaced by armor made of thousands of tiny metal beads strung together. As the cager steps forward he unlimbers his chain belt revealing it to be a bladed chain. As he advances two of the “guards” let fly with daggers and razor discs. One of the discs lodges deep in his side, yet he doesn’t break stride ad he swings his chain into action.

As he engages the “guards” Larren steps calmly up from the sidewalk and lets fly with a crackling blue bolt of electricity immediately slamming is opponent into the wall next to the Manor gate. Each time one of them is hit by Larren’s bolts of psionic energy or Moswen’s eldritch blast their form shifts revealing wrinkled, yellowish skin, pointed ears, and burning eyes. Lemmy now recognizes these “guards” as either Githyanki or Githzeri, he cannot tell which with only glimpses but they are certainly Gith.

Violetta, whose face lit up when she saw Khlasath swing his bladed chain into action, looks on with amazement as the black clad Githyanki explodes in a whirlwind of chain, attacking all of the opponents around him in the blink of an eye. With the added firepower of these two strangers they make short work of the guards. As they do one of the stray swings knocks Casimir unconscious with the flat of its blade. He falls to the ground, face down, cheese sprayed across the grass.

As Khlasath and Larran trade introductions with the party four more figures, again clad in the colors of the Syzygy Guard, appear as if from thin air and attack viciously. As they close Hissarmau charges forth from the Manor and aims a flying kick at them. Everything after that is lost in a chaos of whirling steel, purple fire, and crackling multi-hued psionics.

Unnoticed by almost all in the party additional groups of “guards” appear from thin air, collect the bodies of those fallen in the prior combat and then disappearing once more. Once the last of the fallen are gone the combatants vanish as suddenly as they appeared.

The worries seem to be over, at least until they try to collect Casimir’s fallen form. As Ibid’s hand passes through his form hey realize that this is not a person. Its a minor image. Conjecture reasons that the “guards” took him and left the image as a distraction.

Violetta offers the hospitality of Lavinia’s and the Cagers accept, although the “goth-yanki” keeps giving Ibid odd looks. They retire to the garden and have Jarvis notify Lavinia. Larran raises an eyebrow when he notices a Sons of Mercy token on Lemmy’s belt, but says nothing. Khlasath asks in any have heard of the Pirates of Gith, but no one there has heard of them before.

While Jarvis brings out the wine a very soft thump can be heard in the distance. Xring is the only one to notice it at first, the others catch on when it repeats. As they look off in the direction of the docks, the source of the sound, they see an Elven Man ‘O War tear off moving fast and a steep tangent. In short order a phalanx of three more take up pursuit spells effects and siege engines targeting the first one. As the first ship reaches the edge of the atmosphere envelope it seems to wink out of existence leaving the trio behind in circling the sky.

Immediately after this spectacle Lavinia Vanderboren arrives to offers her thanks to Larran and Khlasath for their aid in the Manor’s defense. She begs pardon for her lateness, she was tending members of her guard that we injured in the melee. Violetta thanks her, gathers everyone together quickly and sets off for the docks to see what has transpired.

Arriving at the docks they discover that even the reserve of Elven Imperial Navy can crack when it is put to the test by the vivacious Violetta. Somehow she manages to talk the guards into allowing them access to the docks. Whether it was her womanly charms or the fact that she kept dropping Admiral Icarus’ name we shall never know. The group manage, along with the assigned EIN guards, to get almost to their ship before hearing someone yell “Hey! Stop!” Then its a mad dash to the Voidskimmer, which gives Larren and Khlasath quite a start when they board it. When they can see that it really is a smalljammer and not just small galleon as it seems eyebrows get raised.

Everyone stands ready at alert stations ready to take off at a moments notice. Moswen is pumped up about her first opportunity to try piloting. As the metal clad feet of elven troopers pound across the dock headed towards the Voidskimmer, Moswen sits down in the helm.

As the Mulhorrandi sits down she and the helm are suddenly surrounded in a corruscating numbus of purple flame sot through with black arcs of energy. There is a violent lurch and everyone except the catfolk and the xixchil is thrown from their feet. As they get to their feet they notice the sky outside the ship’s posts has gone completely silver. Khlasath cowers away from the window exclaiming “No, no, no, damnit! Not the Astral!”

Absences: None | New Player: Ray | Returning Player: Cormac