After speaking with the dead “other Lemmy” they exit the college of Necromancy to find that the Academy has planeshifted to the Elemental Plane of Fire.

Ibid leaves to find a chapel and pray for guidance. Casimir begins and ongoing campaign of trying to get spanked by the Capt of the Guard, the gorgeous redhead that greeted them at the gate.

Meanwhile Lemmy explains the overall layout of the planes (Inner, Prime, Outer, Transitive) to the rest. They try to find a way to explain the duplicate Lemmy and figure out what to do. The idea of having a “know alignment” item made to monitor Violetta in case she turns towards evil comes up (pissing her off a bit in the process).

In the course of discussion Chronomancy is discussed as some in the party think the alternate Lemmy may have come from the future. Between Violetta, Xring and Hissarmau they piece together disparate tales and legends of chronomacy. Tales of the legendary Sapphire Mage who lives on an earth body orbiting the edge of the Elemental Plane of Time are discussed, as is the fact that all known magical research points towards time magic being bunk.

Having two days until the next time the Academy shifts (waiting for a field trip to the City of Brass to return) they hit the library. Nothing turns up on Violetta’s race or on Chronomancy. Research on the Oraculus turns up info that it is on the planet planet Spiral in BralSpace. Xring points out that Spiral was conquered by the Scro recently when the Second Unhuman War surged through the system. Maps are procured.

Inquiries made of the guards at the gate reveals that the next stop will be Spiral in Balspace where they hope to pick up refugees from the elven community. War wizards and academy guards prepare for the shift, taking up battle positions. Taling with the guards reveals that the Academy will be materializing cloaked.

Casimir appears, having secured payment, including a one use planeshift keyed to take them to Cormyr on Toril where the Voidskimmer is docked. Ibid shows up bearing a one shot Mass Invisibility sphere he claims came from his “Cousin” in the illusion school.

Redhurst planeshifts, phasing back into solidity in a large cleareing surrounded by fey looking woods. The massive live oaks on one side of the clearing display the crucified bodies of hundreds of dead elves. Moments after the shift occurs a Scro Mantis ship divebombs the Academy (despite its being cloaked), while ground forces move in. As lightning bolts and fireballs rain down from above one blast slams Ibid, knocking him unconscious and burning him badly. Our heroes haul ass towards the cover of the woods, hoping to make their way overland to the Oraculous.

As they barrel through the woods they run smack into a trio of scro warriors. Before anyone in either group can react there is a massive explosion above as the Mantis Ship is blown to bits. A huge chunk of wreckage at least 20′ long crushes one of the scro troopersand almost kills Hissarmau (-5 Con, down to 4 hp).

In rapid succession Xring casts acid splash on one, while Casimir shoots it with a starwheel. Lemmy strikes and misses twice with his sword. Violetta summons her celestial hound and sics it on the other surviving scro. Hissarmau casts mage armor on herself and slams down a potion of healing.

We close mid combat:

  • Ibid – inconscious
  • Hissarmau – down to Con of 7
  • Violetta and her summoned celestial hound – unscathed
  • Lemmy in mele
  • Casimir with Starwheel drawn
  • Xring in melee.
  • Scro #1 – acid burned, shot and cut but still fighting
  • Scro #2 – Almost untouched.

There is a fireball blast above and we end for the night.