In which the characters go on a trip with Elminster, Murlynd and Arwyl Swansson (Factol of the Sons of Mercy) and are sent to find two escaped students from Redhurst Academy, a plane travelling wizards academy.

After a merry chase through the city of Arabel in Cormyr and the surrounding countryside they locate the two (a drow male and human female romantically entwined) and return them to the Academy when it planeshifts to the Realms right outside of Cormyr.

After an overland trek the group suddenly finds themselves encased in a force field, with the exception of Lemmy. A few seconds later a figure clad in a Sorpc Guard Commander’s uniform. (The Sorpic Guard being the group in Carrigmoor that Lemmy was a member of prior to leaving for Sigil and joining the Mercykillers). It draws a sword that look like a twin of Lemmy’s except that its crystal blade is colored a murky reddish hue instead of purple.

While everyone else is trapped in the force bubble Lemmy and the Sorpic Guard face off in single combat. After a blazing battle Lemmy strikes his opponent and sends a pulse of psionic energy through his deepcrystal blade. The blow pierces his enemy’s armor and body pinning him to the trunk of an oak tree. When the corpse’s helmet is removed shock ripples through the group, for it is Lemmy’s own face that stares up at them with dead eyes. They throw the body across one of the horses and take it with them, hoping that the wizards of Redhurst can glean some information from it.

After a day they arrive at Redhurst, a fortified complex built of stone. W trio of guards led by a gorgeous redheaded woman in half plate armor meet them and direct them to the School of Divination, saying that they were expected.

Then a meeting with Nimblane Jector, dean of divination, where they discover that Violetta is a Helbred. Helbred are souls of great evil that repented on their deathbed. They are then reshaped by the forces of evil AND of good and then returned to the Prime Material plane to chose their path anew. Violetta is disturbed by this, and several of the group give her sideways glances.

The party also discover that they are entwined in pivotal events in the timeline, that they must be present for the “Battle of the Tears” in the Tear of Selune, a battle he says will occur in 1 month.” The elderly elf then pleads exhaustion and settles back in his bed while our heroes are escorted out.

Our heroes then head for the College of Necromancy, where the other Lemmy’s body lies. Casimir convinced one of the adepts to cast Speak with Dead on it. Interrogation of the corpse reveals the following info:

  • He was sent to eliminate our Lemmy
  • He was sent “by Violetta”
  • “Our counterparts must be eliminated for our plans to reach fruition.”