Nov 19, 2007 Gregorian OR 16 Eleint in the Dale Reckoning used on Dragon Rock

We pick up with our motley band relaxing aboard the recently reclaimed Voidskimmer as they make the six hour flight from Waterdeep to Dragon Rock. Xring constantly scans the approaching Tears of Selune for hostile activity, locating only ordinary merchant ships and Elven cruisers in their path to Dragon Rock.

They are greeted by a port official/tax collector on landing. After paying the air tax Casimir demands that guards be set on the ship, “and damn the cost!” The official send a small blond haired street urchin running off with instructions to return with two pair of guards. Discovering that they have arrived during the height of the Wyrmfall Festival they make their way away from the dock and towards a drink.

The crowds are completely drunken and mostly in costume, draconic themes predominating. Most people, even if making no other concession to costume, at least wear a small mask. Lemmy and Violetta immediately purchase beers from a street vendor. Seeing the masks around her Violetta removes hers and then tosses out her hair to reveal her horns. Smiling she makes her way through the crowd with the rest of them. At one point Violetta sees the boy from the docks whispering into the ear of a woman in a skeleton painted black bodysuit. When the crowd clears again they are gone.

After a brief discussion it is decided that reporting in to Lavinia is not everyone’s priority. The streets are filled with revelers, and the call to celebrate is louder for some than that of debriefing. Ibid, ring, and Hissarmau head towards their apartments at Lucille’s while Violetta, Lemmy and Casimir head deeper into the fray.

A few blocks later, as they pass through a cluster of stiltwalkers, the woman in the black bodysuit makes herself known as her flying kick misses Lemmy and brings her to ground next to Violetta. As they start to react she leaps into the air and strikes for him again and once more missing as he ducks out of the way, drawing the muttering sword. It is around this point that thestilwalkers enter the fray attacking both casimir and the bard who luckily evade being hit. Casimir draws his starwheel, aims and fires. Several things happen at once: the stiltwalker is blown from his feet at the bullet opens a hole in his chest; the crowd in the street begins to flee in panic; and the others a mere two blocks away hear the shot and head for the battle.

As Casimir and company hold off the stilt walkers Xring and Hissarmau take to the high road. Xring, true to her insect nature, runs along the wall, avoiding the combat below as her time on the helm drained her spells. Hissarmau uses the balconies, running along them and leaping from one to the next. In the meantime Ibid sets his shoulders against the mob of “tall folk,” fleeing the gunshot and manages to hold his position as they wash over and past him. .

As the way clears ahead of him, Ibid is able to get a clear view of the remaining combatants: our heroes, the woman in the black bodysuit, and three of the stiltwalkers . Remaining well away in the middle of the next block he casts Hold Person on the woman in black who freezes in her tracks as she and Lemmy fight., He then immediately follows it up with another spell (create food and water) which creates a 25′ layer of red goo that coats the alley, sending the stiltwalkers crashing to the ground as they slip and fall. One of the three manages to remain upright by trying to grab on to a balcony rail (which was greased by the establishment to prevent things like this occurring during the festival). Violetta makes short work of that one by summoning her celestial hound to knock him over. The dog does so just as Xring pops out above the stiltwalker’s head ad yells, “Boo!” Needless to say, he drops like a stone.

“Hold it! Stand still there, you!” rings out across the empty street. The city guard have arrived. As Casimir tries to explain, one of them identifies the woman in the bodysuit as Diamondback. “She’s a working assassin in this part of town. You must have really pissed someone off.”

As Ibid prepares to dispel his dweomer a shot rings out and a bullet hole appears in Diamondback’s forehead. Xring catches sight of a reflection from one rooftop and sees a figure ducking out of sight. Xring and Hissarmau as the rooftop chase specialists take off after it. As they begin to gain they see that the sniper is either a half orc or a scro wearing a long leather coat. Seems very much like tales of the elite scro snipers in the war….

While this chase is going on Violetta uses her charms to make the guard captain a bit more friendly. She manages to get them all offscott free except for Casimir, who gets 200gp fine for firing a pistol within city limits

After a merry chase across the rooftops he jumps from a roof and disappears. When the ladies arrive the only sign they see is a dead human in green clothing.Hissar uses a Message spell to contact and summon Violetta and the rest. When the rest arrive they identify the body as one of the Jade Ravens, the other group of adventurers retained by LaviniaVanderboren to handle The Manor’s security. Pinned to his chest is a piece of parchment inscribed with the phrase,”Things have changed, you’re no longer welcome here.” The group wait for the city guard to catch up, handover custody of the body when they arrive, and tell them to sendreinforcements to Vanderboren Manor.

Violetta decides that the best way through the crowd is to start a parade of her own, and uses Ghost Sound to create a fanfare in front while she and the rest parade down the street, heading uptown. As they proceed her playing attracts a wide variety of musicians and performers and their parade begins to grow. The idea works impeccably well and they manage to triple their speed through the crowd. After moving through the city to the edge of the Estates the parade follows the crowd density and veers deeper into the throng, while our heroes split off heading towardsVanderboren Manor. While not empty, the streets are significantly less crowded than they were in the less ritzy areas.

When they arrive a quick survey of the grounds reveal that they are littered with the bodies of the Jade Ravens. Xring sights movement inside one of the windows and manages to identify a member of a local family of bullywug strongarms. She tells the rest that it probably means a priest and sorceror who are part of the family are in there as well. Focusing her magic, Violetta sends a Message to Lavinia and discovers that she is being held prisoner in her chambers.

Trying to act casual they make their way around the wall, investigating as closely as possible on the way. They settle on the tertiary gate on the north wall as their means of entrance. Right next to it is an incoming stream which ends in a pool in the main courtyard. An investigation shows that the iron security grill on the streams entrance has been removed, possibly by thebullywugs to gain entrance. They lodge it closed with a still Violetta had carried since their encounter with Diamondback’s group.

They take a deep breath as they prepare for an assault of Vanderboren Manor!