After riding out the Phlo Storm they make a fairly uneventful trip through Realmspace towards Toril and Waterdeep, effecting repairs as they fly. After collecting their pay and taking leave of the Sindiath ship they make their way through the City of Splendors. Finally alighting at the tavern known as the Singing Sword in the Castle District, they order food and beer while they contemplate the next move. During their second round they discover how the place gets its name when a barmaid in costume armor comes marching between the tables with a magical sword singing in her gauntleted hands. When she passes the table the sword dips towards Violetta and the song surges.

The serving girl offers the sword to Violetta and as it enters her grasp it begins to sign with true passion, entrancing all within hearing distance with the beauty of its song. After two snogs Violetta returns it to the server who reverentially places it in alevitation field at the center of the main stairwell where it hums modestly to itself. They settle the tab and depart.

As they head for the docks Hissarmau spots Vanthus Vanderboren in the crowd. She and Lemmy take off after him while Casimir and the rest head for the docks to attempt to retake the Voidskimmer. Lemmy and the light-footed catfolk follow Vanthus through the crowd away from the docks and see him enter conversation with a twelve foot tall blue skinned humanoid that could only be an Arcane. When he and Hissarmau try to get closer they get theirs butts kicked by an invisible figure. During those flickering moments when he comes into visibility Hissarmau identifies him both as a fellow monk and as a saurial or dinosaur man (triceratops humanoid). After a sound beating they return to the docks to meet up with Casimir.

In the meantime, Casimir and the rest found the Voidskimmer and were able to convince the Waterdhavian guard that it was indeed his property by showing them the registration papers hidden in a secret compartment in the main navigation room. The guard allow them to take possession of it, but not until after a search of the vessel. In the course of said search several erotic paintings, most of the silks and furs decorating the cabins, and a fist sized black sphere that Violetta says is a Shadow Pearl. According to legends, she says, it is a thing of the Abyss and can create a wave of chaos that could destroy a city.

Lemmy and Hissarmau return and the two groups fill each other in while Ibid heals their wounds. They provide the Waterdeep Guard with a sketch and description of Vanthus as well as their suspicions of his involvement with the Crimson Fleet. Shortly afterwards they receive clearance to ship out. Once the Voidskimmer has passed over the horizon, leaving Waterdeep below the horizon, Xring sits down on the helm and fires it up.

The sky begins to blacken and the stars come out as they cross the edge of the planet’s air envelope….
It has now been six weeks since they left on an 8 hour mission….