Episode IX August 8, 2007
25 Flamerule

Casimir -wakes up with fat chick, a hangover and dim memories of words with Lemmy in the bar.
Violetta- discovers she will need Blood War histories to research her race.
Hissarmau – Provideing access to Seekers’ Library
Lemmy- Snoring in his bunk
Xring- hungover
Ibid- late night vigil.

The Swift Star Sindiath Line Dolphin Ship
9 Bells 26 Flamerule Crew Call
12 bells depart (Arrive Toril jut after Highharvestide)

Sarin Quartermaster- Cas gives him Olde Peculiar,
Capt Amril Leafbower
First Mate Kaolpack

The group arrive at the docks, somewhat hungover, and report for duty on the Swift Star. Sarin points them towards the crew space and tells them to pick a hammock and get settled. Casimir gives Sarin a bottle of Olde Peculiar. Sarin looks the other way as Cas sneaks one on board for himself as well.

Shortly thereafter Kaolpack the hadozee introduces himself and assigns them: Hissarmau: rigging, Violetta- entertainment, Casimir: navigation, Ibid: piloting, Lemmy: manual labor and light crew duties, Xring: piloting and medicus. They then depart the Rock of Bral headed for Unipaxala, the peace Asteroid, their last stop before leaving Spiralspace.

Midsummer’s Day-While playing cards and drinking on the upper deck of the shuttle, during one f the rare times everyone is ff at the same time, they are attacked by 4 grey scavvers. Lemmy makes short work of two of them, and the rest run when reinforcements arrive. Casimir is amused when he finds out that Violetta’s Celestial Dog that she summons is named Henri…..

3 Elisias- Gods Marbles (Lemmy detects several psionic traces amongst the rocks), despite feelings of being watched there are o incidents.

5 Elisias- Unipaxala- the asteroid is a featureless white surface with only a few docking towers. NO shore leave, per Cpt. Leafbower. Only the shuttle goes down to the surface, and that with only senior crew aboard.

6 Elisias- Depart Uninpaxala

8 Elisias- Arrival at the Crystal Shell. The ship’s Spellmaster opens a portal to the Phlogiston using a scroll.

18 Eliasias- delphinds in the flow play alongside the ship. Many of them cluster around Violetta and and play while she tries to mimic their sounds. (Lemmy detects about 20% of them as psionic)

23 Elisias- Phlostorm!
Violetta is blinded when she takes a blow to the head. Hissarmau suffers an intensely bleeding scalp wound. Ibid enters the helmroom and sights The Spelljammer through the window.

Finit 23rd Eliasis, Phlostorm in progress:

  • Ibid in helmroom-The Spelljammer looming outside the crystal windows.
  • Casimir- under a table in the chart room
  • Xring heading down the companionway in answer to the call for a medic
  • Lemmy heading below decks looking for Violetta
  • Hissarmau and Violetta below decks bracing themselves for the next shockwave.